Sunday 30 June 2013

June wrap up of finished projects

Hi everyone

Here are some pictures of the items I have finished during the month of June :)

A Playhouse for Leeanne F

A roll up/travel car mat (quilted) for the little monster's birthday in September

Another picture of the roll up/travel car mat (quilted)

A zipper pouch for me (to tidy the loose toys and other baby stuff in my bag)
Yay, I can finally find my keys!

An infinity scarf - for me :)

An order finished for Noa
(and her best friends new little bundle of joy!) 

And here is cute little Mr E 
(the said bundle), enjoying his new blanket :)

A thankyou gift for Vicky X :)

A Playhouse for C4AC
(an online auction with all the funds raised going towards PANDA)

This will be available to purchase in the near future...
Keep an eye on my Facebook page to find out more :)

And last (but certainly not least!) infinity scarf for my lovely friend Sabrina!

What a busy month I have had :)

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