Tuesday 25 June 2013

Keeping him busy for more than 30min!

Hi everyone

So today I decided to recreate this activity from The Activity Mom (labelled in the blog post as "transferring").

You will need:
An ice-cube tray
FYI (I will be getting the little monster his own set of tongs 
ASAP as he is ruining my good ones!)

  1. Place pom-poms on the ground
  2. Show your toddler how to use the tongs
  3. Let your toddler practice picking up the pom-poms with the tongs
  4. Once your toddler has the hang of picking the pom-poms up, ask them to place the pom-poms (one by one) in the holes of the ice-cube tray
  5. When all the pom-poms have been used, tip them out and repeat :)
This activity develops hand eye coordination, and fine and gross motor development.

I was interested to see if my almost 22 month old little monster was able to manipulate the tongs well enough to be able to have enough control to place the pom-poms in the individual holes of the ice-cube tray...and you know what...he could do it :)

He had a fabulous time doing this activity and it kept him extremely busy for more than 30min, in fact he wanted to keep going with the activity when it was time to pack up for lunch :P

If you wanted to make the activity a little harder for your toddler, you could add in an element of colour sorting, like has been shown here (top, left hand photo - photo is by The Activity Mom).

Another item from my fab less than $25 cheap shop spending spree used and enjoyed :) Yay! 

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