Sunday, 2 August 2015

I got a slow cooker!

Hi everyone :)

I've never had a slow cooker before, but have finally decided to take the plunge and purchase one (a 6L one at that!).  I'm hoping that having the slow cooker might free up some time usually spent cooking dinner to do other things, like go for a walk, do something fun with the little monsters or sew if the mood so strikes me :)

So, seeing as I have never had or cooked with a slow cooker, I thought you might like to take this journey with me?  I'm hoping to use it once or twice a week and, until I find some favourites, I'll be trying recipes from all over the internet, and if I have time I might borrow a few recipe books from the library to try a few from there too :)

Do you have any favourite recipes you think I should try?  Leave a comment for me if you do!

First on my list is something easy...this week I made Beef Stew...and it was YUK!

So here is what I thought about this meal:

Will I cook it again?


Did the kids eat it?


What do I score it?

I scored this one 0 yummies out of 5 :)

Did I add or subtract anything from the recipe?

I added Zuccini

Would I add or subtract anything from the recipe next time?

I would use stock instead of water - but i'm not sure even that would fix it, it was truly awful!
I would also cube the veggies as just choping turned out to be too big pieces and the potato didn't cook through.

What recipes will be coming up soon?
(Not in any order - I just want to make them coz they look yum!)

Chicken Tacos - but mine will probably end up being Burritos, as T loves Burritos more than Tacos :)
Spaghetti and meat balls or this recepie and if there is leftovers, this would make a good lunch the next day :)
Hoisin Chicken
Chicken and Spaghetti
Apple Butter

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken burrito Bowl
Corn on the cob - it's not one of my favourite sides, but the Boys in this house LOVE corn!
Spaghetti Sauce
Butternut squash and coconut risotto - we are big pumpkin risotto eaters in this house so this will be a must try. But I will have to find out what bouillon powder is???
Asian chicken lettuce wraps - this one might be good when the weather gets warmer too :)
Beef Bourguignon
Honey Garlic Meatballs

I'll probably add to this list as I go...I'm sure to find more I want to make! :)Happy tummy makes a happy mummy ;P

Friday, 31 July 2015

Free Pattern Friday - 9

Hi everyone

Welcome to...

This week's great free pattern is...

Drool...yep this one makes me which I could commit to big quilts,
 but I like quick finishes too much!

So if your into freebies, remember to check back here or on FB next Friday :D

If you'd like to submit a free pattern for me to share on Free Pattern Friday, then please email me at :)

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Reunion Clutch

Hi Everone!

Today I'm going to introduce you to my newest pattern - The Reunion Clutch!

The Reunion Clutch is a great addition to any outfit for times when you don't need to carry too much. This Clutch is big enough to fit a large wallet, phone, keys, and other essentials. The Clutch has been designed to be made using Emmaline bags 11" Internal Wire Frames (Style A), but you can also make it without the frames and it still is a beautiful accessory to compliment any outfit.

The finished size of the Reunion Clutch measures approximately 6½” tall x 13½” wide (widest point) x 4” deep (16.5cm x 34cm x 10cm).

How did the Reunion Clutch get its name I hear you ask?  Well, I made the 1st Reunion Clutch to take with me to my 15 yr High School Reunion earlier this month!  So, really there was no other name out there for this great bag :)

Such a pretty clutch!  
It was a big hit amongst some of my highschool chums too :)

Now I have been keeping a little secret from you all...and it's time to tell you...The Reunion Clutch is a FREE Pattern Download available from Craftsy - A little gift from me to you :)

Seeing as many of you may not know me or know the writting style I use in my patterns, I thought I would offer you this free little pattern so you can get to know me!  So, I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my writting style and my patterns :)

Shall we have a look at my fabulous testers versions?

First we have Danielle's from Paiesly Avenue
I just Love the Japanese fabric she has teamed with pink piping and cord!

Jacquie from Pebble Lane Studio, made this lovely version for a friends 40th Bithday!  
I just love the wonder woman lining fabric - don't you?!

This is Janet's version, She had a few things to say about hers!
"What a perfect clutch to use when traveling. It holds the essentials (tickets, wallet, etc) and can be stowed in a tote. I like the way it opens with the frames and is very roomy for the size."

This is Jayne's version and she this is what she had to say about the Reunion Clutch
"All I can say about the pattern is that it is an awesome easy sew".
I really like the Black and White fabric she has used...I wonder what it is...

This is Kathleen's Version, it is so cute! 
I really like the reainbow raindrop fabric she has used here too :)

This is Melisa from Melisa Jane's version.  Such pretty fabric!  
Melisa needs to spend some more time massageing the side of her clutch into shape, 
but you can already see this is going to be one beautiful clutch :) 

Simone made this funky clutch!  She said "This is a cute clutch and a nice quick sew, I really enjoyed this one as I was able to knock it out in a few hours in the afternoon."

Susie from Twirl Girl Boutique made this lovely version.
I really like all the angles and geomectric shapes in this one!

The last 2 versions I'm going to show you have been made without the internal wire frame...

This is Kristina from Harley B's version.
Doesn't this tula pink fabric look fantastic paired with the white pleather!

This is Anna's version, 
She wanted to let you all know that this was a "Fun, quick & fast sew".

Anna has actually tested all 3 of my patterns, and each time she has chosen Hello Kitty fabric!  Here is a picture she sent me of all the bags together:

The Everyday Tote, A Small Ingenious Tote and the Reunion Clutch (minus the frame).
Don't they all look fantastic together?!

Remember you can download The Reunion Clutch Pattern via Craftsy :)

As promised in the pattern, I have a few add-on tutorials for this pattern planned for the not to distant future! So, please keep an eye on my blog if you have an interest in trying leather or making a wristlet strap for your clutch!

Happy sewing!

EDIT: This pattern was available via my shop, however it was having trouble coping with all the downloads! So, now it is available via Craftsy only :)  Sorry for the incovienience! 


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

DIY base insert for the Ingenious Tote

Hi everyone

As you might be aware, a few weeks ago I released my new pattern The Ingenious Tote.  Its a great bag, which has the possibility of being made reversible - yep 2 bags in 1!  As the bag is constructed with bag feet, when you make it reversible, once set ends up inside the bag in the base...

So, once of my one of my fabulous testers (yes, you Janet :D), came up with this wonderful idea - a removable bag base that covers the internal bag feet if you have chosen to make your tote reversible.

This is Janet's version of the Ingenious Tote and her removable bag base in action!

 Bag feet can be seen inside the bag/Base one way up/Base the reverse way up 

Janet made her base from 2 different fabrics so she can use it in her bag whichever way she likes :) do you want to make your own?  Yes?!  Read on my friend!

 - Ingenious Tote Pattern, which is available for purchase from my shopEtsy or Craftsy
 - 1 x Fat 1/4 of your chosen fabric
 - 1 piece of Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner the size of pattern piece D

Yep, that's it - short and sweet :)

Now, let's get sewing!

DIY Instructions

1. Using pattern piece (D), cut 2 from your fabric and 1 from Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner.

2.  Place the fabric pieces right sides together and then place your Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner on top.

3. Pin, sew around the outside edge (leaving a 4" turning gap), clip corners and lastly trim the bulk out of the seams.

4. Turn right side out - make sure you are turning so that your fabric is on the outside (you don't want your stabiliser on the outside)!  To do this slip your fingers between the fabric layers and turn.

5. Press.

6. Topstitch around the edge, ensuring to close the turning gap as you go.

7. Place it on top of your internal bag feet and away you go!

I hope you enjoyed this quick pattern add-on :)
I'll hopefully have another ready for you next week!

Happy sewing :)

Friday, 24 July 2015

Free Pattern Friday - 8

Hi everyone

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This week's great free pattern is...

This one has been popping up on IG too...
So make sure you search the tag #onehourbasket for some inspiration!

So if your into freebies, remember to check back here or on FB next Friday :D

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Happy sewing!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A birthday gift for someone I have never met

Hi Everyone :)

Once or twice a year my hubby has to travel to the US for work - I know such a hardship for him! I do wish he would take me though - ha ha :D

Last year when he went I was heavily pregnant with M (can you believe he is almost one?!  I can't...this year has gone way too quickly!) - in fact I gave birth about 3 days after he arrived home...LUCKY!

Anyway back to the story....Last year hubby's US work friend's wife had just given birth to their 1st daughter - so fantastic :)

This year hubby was over there working and was lucky enough to be able to help celebrate her 1st birthday with them, so I had to make a gift for him to give the little cutie :)

I decided to use some of this, an owl print, to make a quick softie...
this is a Cotton Drill I picked up at spotlight last year.

The owl was finished quite quickly :)
Although it took a lot of poly-fill...more than I would have thought possible, 
but then it has been quite a while since I made a softie ;D

Hubby tells me the gift was well received, so that makes me happy...I hope it gets lots of hugs over the next few years :)

What have you been sewing lately?

Friday, 17 July 2015

Free Pattern Friday - 7

Hi everyone

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This week's great free pattern is...

The Slouchy bag by Untrendy Life.
This one looks like it would be a quick sew, 
I think it might just have to make its way onto my to-do list 
(I think my soon to be sister in law would love it!)

So if your into freebies, remember to check back here or on FB next Friday :D

If you'd like to submit a free pattern for me to share on Free Pattern Friday, then please email me at :)

Happy sewing!