Tuesday 28 January 2014

Hello! I'm still here...and I missed you all :)

Hi everyone :)

I have been VERY quiet of late...I just haven't felt up to blogging, facebooking or anything really...(although I have still been on IG a little :P), I have a VERY good reason though, more on that a bit later :)

I really felt like I needed a break over the holiday period, I had lots of gifts and orders to finish, I managed to complete the last of my orders (I finished most of them in November), but alas not all the gifts I wanted to complete made it into the finished item list below...

Here are all the items I finished in the month of December:

An A4 Notebook cover for my shop.

2 Christmas t-shirts for Angela and L.

A Batman t-shirt for the Little Monster :)

A birthday gift for my Mother-in-law 
It's a quilted knitting bag, I followed this tutorial to create it.

I wanted to also complete another gift for my Mother-in-law, and a gift for the Little Monsters best friend T and a special little something for the little monster too...


I just couldn't do it, and here is why:

Yep...instead of sewing I've been cooking another little monster in my belly :D

(Me at 13 weeks pregnant)

A pretty good reason not to have been sitting at the machine, or on the computer...instead I've been sleeping on the couch and reading books while the "big" little monster is having his nap, and when he's awake I spend all day running around after him or trying to find ways to entertain him and hide the fact that I'm feeling completely sick and terrible - I really don't want him to hate the baby because he thinks its making me sick :P

I did manage to finish one item for a showcase on Facebook in January:

A patchwork pencil case, and it SOLD!

But I am VERY behind on my blocks for the hexie block swap that I'm involved in - sorry girls!  I will catch up ASAP :)

I'm slowly starting to feel better, and I hope that I can work in some sewing and blogging time really soon!  But I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here...and I missed you all :)
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