Tuesday 30 July 2013

Spending free money :)

Hi everyone

Back in May I entered to win $30 worth of gift vouchers from Family Life Opportunity Shops (ok, so it wasn't hard to win - you just had to be one of the 1st 200 people to email them :P).

So, today I went in to the Cheltenham Store and spent some of the FREE money they gave me :D

Here are some photos of what I bought:

11 Little Golden Books for the Little Monster

Some recipe books :)
(The had so many to choose from...it was hard to decide only to buy these three :D)

Books with some new activities to do with the little monster.

These are going to be so useful in summer!  I cant wait to make the little monster some healthy and fun icy-poles and yogurt ice creams :)

These baby overalls wont be overalls for long, I have a different plan for them :)
You'll just have to stick around to if you want to see what I do with them...

Here is their Facebook page link and if you are wanting to visit yourself, here are their shop locations:
355c Bluff Road Hampton, 
435 Nepean Highway Chelsea,
316 Charman Road Cheltenham,
13 Playne Street Frankston.


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Thursday 25 July 2013

I went to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair!

Hi everyone :)

Today I spent the day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair.

I have been looking forward to this for months :)
I went last year and did a few of the make and take classes and went to a few of the workshops - both of which I found interesting and inspiring  - and just generally had a great day out!

Anyway, I sat down earlier this week and planned out my day (something I
failed to do last year - and regretted), as I only have one day available to attend, thanks mum for babysitting the little monster!

I arrived nice and early (9:15am!) and booked myself into a couple of make and take classes...
1. English paper piecing

This picture shows me making and joining some hexies together during the class :)

I really enjoyed this class!  I enjoyed it so much I bought myself a few of the necessary tools needed to do some more paper piecing at home...if you keep reading, I'll show you some pictures of all my purchases a little later on.  This class was run by Blue Willow Cottage.

2. Meg the Pussycat

Here is a picture of my "Meg" although I think she looks more like a boy kitty...so I'll let the little monster name him later :)

This was a lovely quick and easy activity (it took less than an hour from start to finish - and would be even faster if using a machine to do all the stitching) - and it would definitely be suitable for all skill levels.  This class was run by BeBe Bold, and you can purchase the "Meg" and lots of other great kits and patterns from their website.

Ok!  On to my purchases from the fair...

I got home and felt like it was my birthday...I had a lovely little pile just waiting to be unwrapped!

From Blue Willow Cottage - I purchased some pre-cut hexie cards, a hexie template and some extra blades for the rotary cutter I received as part of my kit for the class (I also received a small cutting mat as part of the kit).

From Just Patchwork - a few Fat 1/4's

From Into Craft - some small novelty erasers (they were $1 each!) that will be perfect for the little monster :) 
I plan on adding them to this busy box as some other tools for imaginative play.

From Under the mulberry tree - some more fat 1/4s (I have been eyeing off these ones for ages...)

I think the best part of the day was stopping in to say hi to Jodie form RicRac.  It was so nice to meet Jodie in person, and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with her and some other crafty bloggers in September at Crafty Hijinks :) and if you are a blogger and interested in a ticket, they can be purchased here.

Anyway...I was completely surprised by Jodie, I had mentioned that I would pop by today (on instagram), and say "hi"...so when I arrived and was so warmly greeted  - like I was a long lost friend - I was incredibly happy...then Jodie topped this feeling again!  

How? I hear you ask...

Jodie ducked down and pulled a little gift out of her bag for me...it was incredibly generous and totally unnecessary (and unexpected), but is greatly appreciated :)

Thank you so much Jodie!
  The little monster is going to be so happy when I make him Ulrich and the animal house!  And I think I had better make myself the scarf before September so I can be warm in Ballarat :P

Overall I had a great day - I only did 2 of the items on my lovely spreadsheet though...so next year I will probably do a little less planning :P

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Please note: I have not received any payment for mentioning the items featured in this post and all opinions are my own :)

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Another busy week means another Wordless Wednesday!

Hi everyone,

I've been having quite a busy week this week so you will all just have to make do with some pictures of what I've been working on :)

I hope your week has been busy (and fun) too :)

Monday 22 July 2013

A hooded vest for the little monster

Hi everyone

I had planned to make the little monster a hooded vest for his birthday (it is on the list)...but it is so cold here in Melbourne at the moment that I decided to make it and give it to him now :)

I was originally inspired to make one for him by Ros, as she made some for her girls a few months back (seen here and here), and I copied her idea to use snaps instead of velcro as the pattern dictated.

So here it is:

I have used a safari print cotton cord fabric for the outer layer - purchased from Spotlight - and a pale blue micro fleece - purchased from Lincraft.

The vest is reversible  but I dont think that the little monster will wear this one in its reversed form - as the print I have used is just too cute - and he has too much fun telling me which animals he has spotted on his tummy :D

I have made a size 2 for the little monster (who is 22 months old), and it looks like it will be long enough for next year too - well I hope so anyway :P

He wore it out to the Handmade Show on Saturday morning and to a nearby cafe for a baby chino afterwards...he was extremely proud of it and kept saying (to anyone who would listen) "mama" and pointing to his vest, I don't think I could have been any more pleased about that! 

I am extremely pleased with how my 1st attempt at children's clothing has gone, I am already planning another hooded vest with some more fabric from my stash that he loves and I do think I will attempt some more children's clothes at some point in the future :)

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Thursday 18 July 2013

"Christmas in July" - I'm guest posting over at Sew Mama Sew!

Hi everyone

Today I'm guest posting over at Sew Mama Sew!

The theme was "Christmas in July"...want to see what I wrote a tutorial about?

Make your own Hoop art Advent Calendar!

Head over to Sew Mama Sew to view and download the tutorial :)
Hope you enjoy it!

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone

I've been busy working on a few projects this week...here is a peek :)


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Monday 15 July 2013

Cooking with the little monster - muffins

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I came across this recipe at an ASWC link party, I liked the idea of a quick and easy (and hopefully not too much mess) cooking activity to do with the little monster, so I made up a batch of the bulk muffin mix, and put it in an air tight container for another day.

Last week I decided to make my 1st batch of muffins with the little monsters help :)

I collected everything we needed to make the muffins...
The bulk muffin mix made from this recipe
milk, egg, oil, and chocolate bits.
Then gathered the utensils we needed, measuring cups, mixing spoon and a bowl.

Then the little monster and I mixed all the ingredients up in a bowl.
So far the process has been very clean :)
Just the type of activity I was looking for :P

I did think the mixture was a bit on the runny side,
but decided to trust the recipe rather than try to fix it somehow.

Then I decided to pour the mixture into my silicon muffin trays, all went well until I had to pick them up to put them in the oven, (and then I realised I should have used my metal ones), as mixture went EVERYWHERE!

So I put the silicon trays into some old flat pans...
I lost about 3 muffins worth of mixture in the process too :(
Who invented silicon muffin trays anyway?!

And into the oven!

Here is where I made another error :(
I put them in my oven at 170 Degrees Celsius (as my oven is fan forced) 
instead of 190 Degrees Celsius as the recipe stated 
(as I wasn't sure if "fan forced" had been taken into account).

Well this may have been the wrong decision, as I had to cook them for an extra 10min and they were still a little undercooked in the centers...

(oh, and you will notice from the picture below that the choc bits all sank to the bottom of the mixture - not sure why?)

But that didn't seem to matter to the little monster - he thought they were YUM :)

Today we made our second batch...

I fixed the backing tray issue by using a metal one, and I fixed the temperature issue and actually cooked them at the right temperature (shock horror!)

And they worked (the inside was cooked much better - in other words it wasn't half raw :P)

The only thing that I wasn't that happy with was that they didn't rise as much as I would have liked...

I wonder how I fix that for next time (I think I have about 20 batches of mixture left :P)? Any ideas lovely internet readers?  

Oh and what cooking with kids recipes are your favourites - I need more ideas as the little monster loves it :)
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Friday 12 July 2013

C4AC - How can you be involved?

Hi everyone 

Have you been enjoying my C4AC series? You can find my previous post about who, what, who, why, who and who :P via the links...but what about when, where and how?  

Today's post is going to clear that all up for you.

How can you be involved?
There are 2 ways you can be involved with C4AC:
1. You can collaborate with a fellow facebook business, to do this just join this Facebook group and find a partner :)

Entries for the auction close on July 12th, 2013...so it may not be possible to join in this year, but if you join the group you will be there ready and waiting to join in for next years auction (that's what I did last year :D)

2. You can bid on the items that will be up for auction :)

You could even have a bid on this lovely set of items (made by Vicky, Kelly, Jenica, Suzanne and myself) to support PANDA :)

When and where is the charity auction taking place? 
The charity auction will take place here on C4AC's Facebook page.
The auction will start on 26th July and finish on 28th July.

And how do I bid on items?
To bid on items just place your bid in the comments section under the photo of the item/s you would like to win :)

Please, also make sure you read the rules carefully, they will be posted prior to the action beginning on the C4AC Facebook page.

There are some wonderful items available supporting some great charities, last year C4AC raised $40,000 for 105 charities...I wonder how much will be raised this year?

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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Sew Delicious's winter sewing day and my 1st Noodlehead Super Tote

Hi everyone

Last weekend I attended Sew Delicious's winter sewing day!
I decided to spend the day sewing my 1st noodle head super tote - now not all day was spent sewing...we also chatted (a lot) and shopped downstairs at GJs Discount Fabrics (in Brunswick), and ate some yummy cake that Ros made :)

I didn't manage to finish the whole tote at the sewing day, so during nap time the other day I finished it...and here it is...


I did make one error  - I didn't read the instructions properly when sewing the recessed zipper, oops!
But I manage to fix my error by binding the edges with coordinating fabric (shown in the second photo down on the right hand side of the collage below).

All in all, the sewing day was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to attending another one soon (wink wink nudge nudge Ros :P).

And was this super tote my last? I hope not! Although it was a lot of work, I love it and I want a few more in different fabrics :)

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