Friday 12 July 2013

C4AC - How can you be involved?

Hi everyone 

Have you been enjoying my C4AC series? You can find my previous post about who, what, who, why, who and who :P via the links...but what about when, where and how?  

Today's post is going to clear that all up for you.

How can you be involved?
There are 2 ways you can be involved with C4AC:
1. You can collaborate with a fellow facebook business, to do this just join this Facebook group and find a partner :)

Entries for the auction close on July 12th, it may not be possible to join in this year, but if you join the group you will be there ready and waiting to join in for next years auction (that's what I did last year :D)

2. You can bid on the items that will be up for auction :)

You could even have a bid on this lovely set of items (made by Vicky, Kelly, Jenica, Suzanne and myself) to support PANDA :)

When and where is the charity auction taking place? 
The charity auction will take place here on C4AC's Facebook page.
The auction will start on 26th July and finish on 28th July.

And how do I bid on items?
To bid on items just place your bid in the comments section under the photo of the item/s you would like to win :)

Please, also make sure you read the rules carefully, they will be posted prior to the action beginning on the C4AC Facebook page.

There are some wonderful items available supporting some great charities, last year C4AC raised $40,000 for 105 charities...I wonder how much will be raised this year?

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