Friday 5 July 2013

Lets play restaurants

Hi everyone

Just thought I'd share some pictures of a busy box I made recently...

It contains:
- food (these are little erasers purchased from a $2.80 store - where EVERYTHING is $2.80!)
- little human toy (this one was purchased overseas for the little monster by his grandma)
- these little containers (see the 2 FREE activities cards inside?!)
- a little square cloth (I sewed this one up in about 3min!)

And what does it create?

Lets play restaurants!
I've used the little containers stacked on top of each other with the square cloth to cover them like a table cloth...add food to the new "table", and your little toy human is ready for a feast :D

The food erasers will also be useful for teaching healthy snacks from unhealthy ones later on when the little monster is a little older.

I haven't given this box to the little monster to have a play with yet...I'm waiting for the right time - if your a mum you'll know when I mean :P 
For those who aren't mums..there often comes a time when you need something new and interesting to distract your little monster from being a REAL monster :P

Although, if he tries to eat the food...I think I'll have to put it away again for a little while...he's past the "put everything in my mouth" stage, but little play food (about 10/15cm's in size) might be too exciting for him - I'll just have to see. 

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