Monday 21 July 2014

The frustrating loner

Hi everyone,

The loner machine is not my beautiful machine :(
I miss my beauty...

I have had all sorts of problems getting the loner to work properly and consistently enough to sew! But...I think I have worked her out now :P

I have a secret project that I'm working on...and it requires sewing through some think layers of fabric, and so I wanted a quick project (with thick layers) to check that the loner could handle it...

After a few bouts of struggling, the loner and I did manage it!

(Purchased as part of the SewFab pattern bundle earlier this year).

There are lots of things I am not happy with about this clutch, the next one I make will be much better (especially if I make it on my beauty rather than the loner :P).

This was a lovely quick sew, and it will be used and loved as it was such a struggle to get it finished with any sort of good quality finish.
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Friday 18 July 2014

My poolside tote

Hi everyone,

When I brought home the loan machine that the repair shop have given me to use until my machine is returned to me, it has had to be sent off to the manufacturer to be fixed :(
I was quite happy as I was able to finish a number of WIP's before the belly monster arrives!

The 1st WIP to be finished was my poolside tote :)

I'm quite happy with how it has turned out.  It is BIG and it will hold A LOT of the baby crap I remember having to cart around when the little monster was a baby...and I think there is even enough room in there for some toddler crap too :P

I made some modifications to the pattern...
1. I added a turn lock closure to the top of the bag - I like a bag that closes
2. I added some straps to the sides that have little clasps on them so I can easily hang the bag from my pusher.
3. I added some elasticised pockets (3) internally to hold nappies and other baby stuff :)

I think the only thing I would change if/when I make this bag again, is that I would use a lighter interfacing in the straps, and then I would be able to fold them and sew them as is stated in the pattern instructions.  Other than that I am very happy with this bag, and I am looking forward to using it in the near future!
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Monday 14 July 2014

Someone is feeling a little left out...

Hi everyone :)

I was talking to the little monster a little while ago (before my sewing machine broke :P), and he said "mummy, when you gonna make something for me?  Mummy made baby lots...", well my son certainly seems to know how to give me a guilt trip :P

When I brought home the loaner machine that the repair store have given me due to the fact that I will be without my machine for some time yet as it has been sent off to the manufacturer for repair, I assumed he had forgotten his request...this may have been so, or maybe he decided I had forgotten? Anyway, after a few days of the new machine sitting on our kitchen table, he must have decided he needed to be more specific in his requests, and yesterday I was told "Mummy, please make me a new!"

It made me so happy to be asked, how could I say no?!

So yesterday, I made the little monster a new vest.  He decided he wanted to watch and do some art, so he sat at the table with me and did some drawing, cutting, glueing and sticking and I sewed.

At the end of the day, I had finished his new vest :)

Fabric: Zoo flannelette (outer) and grey polar fleece (lining)
both purchased at Spotlight (probably in 2012 or 2013).
Closure: white snaps

Today, I asked him if he wanted to wear it...he said "no, I want to wear my old one..." Yay :P
It is so nice to have your work appreciated - lol :)

Hopefully this will please him for long enough that I can finish off the last few things I really want to make before the belly monster arrives...not long to go, he should be here sometime in the next 3 weeks...eeek!
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Sunday 6 July 2014

June wrap up - sort of :P

Hi everyone,

My sewing machine is still at the repair shop :(
It has now been there for 4 weeks!
I am missing it dreadfully, especially seeing as I have had a package of happy mail with some gorgeous felt circles, that I have been waiting on to make the belly monster a garland for his room...

I am picturing something like this:

I also wanted to finish a few items as gifts before the belly monster's imminent arrival...I'm not sure that many of my projects will get finished now, as I am feeling quite tired by the end of the day...BUT I know my sewing time is going to greatly reduce soon too, so I probably will try to push myself once my machine comes home - I just hope its soon!

And how have I been going with my goals?  I discussed them here in this post.

I was planning on getting over my fear of my overlocker...and, although I am not afraid of it anymore...I have given up on it :P  It just wasn't working for me - I think it may need to be sent off for a fix too :(  I did spend a long time working with it and have 1/2 finished the pants I had planned for the belly monster - I will just have to finish them off with my sewing machine when it comes home :D

My second goal was to catch up on my blocks for the hexie block swap...I have managed to finish one block, and I have cut out my next one...but I have just been too tired to start basting them and stitching them together - I am going to aim to try and get a start on this at nap time this week though!

The last goal was to finish some hand sewing on some 1/2 finished projects...which I have done!  And here they are:

Baby pants for belly monster 
I used this tutorial (with some adjustments).

Baby pants for a gift

Baby blanket for a gift

I finished these items just before the end of June...So I guess this is sort of my June wrap up?!

I have also been spending a lot of time organising activities for the little monster...I'm hoping these activities will keep him busy and entertained while I'm breast feeding or settling the belly monster - and also give him something to look forward to for what I am describing as "special mummy and monster time", in actual fact it will probably be more like, "sorry we are stuck at home while your brother is sleeping time" LOL :P

Hopefully I have some energy to blog about them as we use them - there are just too many to tell you about them all now :)

Anyway, I'm off to bed - my eyes just aren't staying open :P
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