Tuesday 5 January 2016

BIG NEWS: For My Little Monster is becoming Emkie Designs

Hi Everyone

At the end of last year I hinted to the fact that I had some really big news to share with you all...well the time has finally come to share it :)

I'm re-branding!

Why am re-branding?

For a long while now I have felt that "For My Little Monster" doesn't really fit anymore, I feel like I have out grown the name. I chose the name "For My Little Monster" around 5 years ago, and at the time I was sewing mainly toys and selling these toys to my customers, so at the time that that name suited me.

A small sampling of what I used to sew to sell...
Top image: my monsters (which I designed myself in 2011); 
Bottom image: my playhouse (made using a self drafted pattern).

Now however, I don't really sew toys and I don't sell any sewn goods to customers either. I only really sew for my family and friends and the majority of what I sew these days are handbags.

What I actually do now is design handbags and I write sewing patterns for these handbags (which I sell here), this has only added to the feeling that my old name doesn't really fit anymore, as the majority of my patterns are aimed at adults not children.

So, from today, the name of my pattern business and blog will be changing to "Emkie Designs".
(This change will also effect my domain name ;D )

You will still be able to find all my patterns for purchase here, and all future patterns will be released under my new name...Emkie Designs!

Why did I pick the name Emkie Designs (pronounced: Em-Key)?

I came up with a number of names that were great, but most of them made me feel like they pigeon holed me, and I wanted a name I could grow and develop with!

But "Why Emkie?" I hear you say!?!

All because of my mum really ;) Since I was a little girl she has called me Emkie, I feel like it represents my past and my future and am really excited about this change :)

I hope you like what you find here...why don't you have a look at my new About Page to find out more about me and what you will find on my blog from here on out?
I am still working on things, so the blog will continue to change over the coming months, and I look forward to sharing some new patterns with you very soon :)

You can find my patterns in my shops here: Etsy, and Craftsy.

I also have a free bag pattern, The Reunion Clutch - so feel free to download it from Craftsy so you can check out my pattern writing style!

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PLEASE NOTE: No more posts will appear on For My Little Monster...If you would like to continue to follow me, you will need to come over and visit me at www.emkiedesigns.com :)

Happy sewing :)