Tuesday 27 January 2015

UFO's - here are mine...I hope to finish some in 2015!

Hi everyone,

We all have Un-Finished Objects (UFO's) right?
Well, I have an over flowing box of them...

Yep! I have a box and 2 folders FULL of 1/2 finished projects, here is a list of the projects within...

1. My jelly roll race quilt - The top is done, it needs basting, quilting and binding.

2. M's quilt - It needs some more blocks made, basting, quilting and binding.

3. T's quilt - It needs some more blocks made, basting, quilting and binding.

4. A new car mat for T (his old one has been used too much and it looks rather tired ;D) and one for M - T's needs quilting and finishing off, M's is cut and needs everything else done :P

5. My 2014 Spring stitching club quilt - I have heaps of the embroideries to finish, and lots of hexies to make before construction can even be thought about....ok, maybe this one won't make it to finished this year ;P

6. There is the start of 2 bibs in here...a nice quick one to add to the list - yay :)

7. I also have a few clothing items that require some alterations and a half finished Dilbert.

I'm not sure how many of these I will end up finishing this year, but hopefully a few will find their way out of the box ;)  I do know one thing...I will NOT be starting any new quilts in 2015 - well not unless I finish some of these ones first!


Wednesday 21 January 2015

My handmade gift list for 2015

Hi everyone :)

I don't normally have a gifts to make list, but as this is one of the quilty bloggers and instagramers support group prompts for a blog post this month, I thought I would have a think about it and share some of my plans...

T is starting kinder this year (I can hardly believe it!), and I'm assuming when he is invited to some of his new friends birthday parties, he will expect me to make a few gifts...

1. I'll probably make a few see-through pencil cases using my tutorial!
2. Maybe a few art caddy's using this pattern (I own it, I just haven't tried it yet...)
3. I plan on making some fun placemats using this tutorial too...

There will also be a few 1st birthdays to attend - yes M seems to have made quite a few friends in the last 5 months! I will be sewing:

1. Some easy softies (probably utilising a few panels I have in my stash...)
2. I might make a few hobby horses using this tutorial too, (yep, its my go too tutorial - I've made a few!)

And inevitably there are a few babies due to arrive this year too! So in my list to sew for them is:

1. I'll probably make a few baby bibs - always a hit with the mummy's ;)
2. And I might even make a baby blanket or 2...

I also have the usual family and friends birthday's...but I'm not sure what I'll be sewing for them yet...well some of them anyway ;)

Saturday 17 January 2015

My hopes and dreams for 2015...

Hi everyone,

I have spent much of the time since M arrived (5 months ago - where does the time go!), thinking about what I want from my sewing.  I don't have as much time as I used too, (to sew), and being a mum to 2 little boys is busier than I expected...there is now double everything - doctors appointments, friends to see, etc. - and for some reason it seems like triple the washing?  I mean really? Why?!

Over the last few months, any spare sewing time has been spent sewing things for my boys, my friends and family (birthdays and weddings), and me.  In 2015 I really can't see that changing...I really enjoy sewing for my family and surprising friends with special things I have made them (or their children). So in 2015, I doubt I'll be sewing to sell...

Sorry, you probably wont see much of these in 2015...

Once we reached the end of 2014 a few weeks ago, I really had to sit down and think hard about what I wanted for me from my sewing...A few months ago, I started working on my 1st sewing pattern. Although it has taken longer than some might expect, it is finally in testing - unfortunately for you, that is all I can share about it right now ;P
So in 2015, I aim to design and produce 2 or 3 original sewing patterns to sell/or offer as a free download, to other sewers...

This is my Everyday Tote Bag 
Pattern to be released for purchase in early 2015!!

As well as writing my own sewing patterns, I really enjoy testing other peoples sewing pattens - must be the teacher in me - it's like correcting work (although I don't use red pen ;P). In 2014 I tested 2 sewing patterns for Samantha (Mrs H) and already this year I have tested one sewing pattern for Jennie (Clover and Violet).
So in 2015, I hope to be asked to test some more sewing patterns from some great designers...

Clockwise from left: The Cecelia Bag (Clover&Violet), 
The Companion Carpet Bag (Mrs H), and The Nappy Bag (Mrs H).

Now I should probably have some more hopes, dreams and goals for my blog too...but for now, if you enjoy reading what I write and seeing what share I hope you stick around :)
So in 2015,  I hope to keep sharing what I am making and creating on my blog.
I also aim to share something with you all at least once per week, (hopefully more, but lets start out with once a week :D).

So that's it for this week ;)
See you all soon!

Friday 9 January 2015

The Cecelia Bag - A pattern by Clover & Violet

Hi everyone

Last week I tested a new bag pattern written by Clover & Violet, it is called the Cecelia Bag.

It is an intermediate bag pattern, and I would say that that is pretty accurate - although if you classify yourself as an intermediate quilter, you will be at a much better advantage than I was!

Front                                                 Back

The only part I found really tricky to get looking good, was the binding around the top edge.  I think I have mentioned before that I absolutely HATE binding - mainly because I am so bad at it :P - binding has become my sewing phobia...but after making the Cecilia bag, I am feeling a little bit more at ease with binding and I think with more practice I might even get good at it ;D

The pattern states that the Cecelia bag "is a multifunctional bag with lots of pockets to keep everything in its place. It has four exterior pockets, two pockets with elasticized tops, one large pocket with a magnetic closure, and one zipper pocket. The inside features a large divided pocket as well as a smaller slip pocket for a phone or keys. The bag has two short handles for easy carrying, as well as an adjustable, removable strap. Measures approximately 14” tall x 14” wide x 4 1⁄2” deep."

I must say, I was quite excited when I discovered that the front elasticized pockets are big enough to hold my Necessary Clutch Wallet!

I am going to enjoy using this bag, as it has so many pockets!  I mentioned I needed to make another nappy bag in another post recently, and until I find the time to, my new Cecelia bag is going to make a great bag to carry all my "mummy" things in :)

The pattern calls for 3 and a bit yards of 3 different types of fabric (apart form the 52 x 3" squares that make up the patchwork panels), as you may notice, I have not stuck to this.  To create my bag I used 7 (fat 1/4's) 1 ( fat 1/8th) and 2 (25cm x WOF) pieces and a few purple solid scraps from my scrap bin. I am incredibly pleased with how this bag has ended up looking :)  (I was only slightly worried that it might look like scrap vomit - ha ha ha).

Jennie & Clara have provided a well written pattern with LOTS of pictures to look over it you get stuck.

I'm off to transfer all my things into my new Cecelia Bag :)
See you all later!

Thursday 1 January 2015

The companion carpet bag - bag of the month - January bag

Hi everyone

I was so lucky to be a pattern tester for Samantha again :)  When she asked me to be a tester for the January bag for the Bag of the Month Club I was so excited I could barely sit still :P

As with when I tested the Nappy bag pattern last year, the companion carpet bag was a great pattern to make.  It is very well written with really easy to follow instructions.

It has a front slip pocket, and internal slip and zip pockets.  And I got to make my 1st tubular frame bag! I LOVE IT :) 

The hardest part about making this bag ... it was quite hard to hand sew the leather accessories! My hands kept cramping up when I was hand sewing the leather handles and snap tab on to the bag. Since making the bag, Samantha has shared with me this great tutorial on an easier way to sew these items onto the bag.

I made the 8.5" frame "small" version, and the bag is a really good size for an everyday bag for the average gal, although it is not big enough for one that has 2 kiddies that require hefty amounts of crap to be carted around too :P I really need to make another nappy bag as I have been over stuffing mine and it isn't holding up so well because I'm so ruff with it...oh the list of "to make" is an ever growing one :P

I love the bag so much, I used it for the 1st time when hubby and I went out for a fancy dinner for out 5th wedding anniversary in early December ;D