Tuesday 31 March 2015

Introducing T to Passover...

Hi everyone,

Passover has snuck up on me!  I can't believe it is THIS Friday - this year is flying by.

Seeing as our Chanukah activities went so well last year, I have decided to quickly throw together some activities from around the internet to help T to learn a little bit about this Jewish holiday too.

Our families passover activities involve a dinner or Seder, where we read from the Haggadah...it is generally very dry and the kiddies all get bored very quickly - never mind the adults ;P

So, to keep the boredom at bay for T, we will do a few things at home before we go to the dinner...
We will read this story of Passover and watch this short video:

Then we will make these finger puppets (created by Tori Avey) together and take them to dinner to play with at the table - they look like lots of fun!

I will also have some of this activity pack (pages - 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 15) and some pages from this plagues activity (pages - 2 and 4) made by Jewish home school blog, for T to do if he needs some more entertainment. We may not use them all, but at least I will have them for if we need something to keep him busy :)

I hope you find these resources helpful if you celebrate Passover too - maybe I have saved you some work!

Sunday 29 March 2015

Birthday bag take 2

Hi everyone,

I spent a few days last week making this for a showcase over at Melisa Jane...

Yep, its the birthday bag (take 2), the 1st one I made last year was for my mum's birthday :)

I'm hoping to release the pattern for this bag later in the year (I have a few others on the to-do list to finish 1st though ;D )

Unfortunately my machine is broken again and needs to go to the doctor...so all pattern writing has to be put on hold - sorry to those waiting to see my next pattern, it will come...it just make take an extra month or 2.  Last time my machine was gone for 10weeks! Hopefully its not gone that long this time :)

What have you been making lately?
For My Little Monster

Tuesday 17 March 2015

I made a Laney - Pattern by Swoon

Hi everyone :)

I took a break from writing my next pattern a few weeks ago, to make my soon to be sister-in-law (I can't believe my baby bro is going to be getting married in the near future - mind blown!), a 30th birthday present.

I had been wanting to make a Laney (pattern by Swoon) for a while, and the style of this bag seemed like something the birthday girl would like. The Laney is a FREE pattern that Alicia (the lady behind the patterns at Swoon) wrote for Pellon Projects.

I can't seem to make anything without changing the pattern!  ha ha ;P

So...the Laney is supposed to be a reversible hobo, however, the version I made is not reversible...well it is, but I haven't made it to actually be used that way ;)

The Laney is supposed to have "ties" that are used as a device for closure, the version I made actually has a white snap as the closure device.

The Laney is not supposed to have any zippered pockets...however, I like zippered pockets, (they are useful!), so I have included an internal one.

I also used H640 instead of the recommended interfacings in the pattern I did this because that is what I had at home...I am very happy with this change, as the bag can hold its own shape now - and it makes it look more substantial while not adding any extra weight.

The fabric used on the outside middle panel is one from my MIL's cupboard, going on what the rest of the print looks like on the panel (that I have left), it looks to have once been a table cloth ;)

Hopefully the birthday girl likes it and uses it a lot :)

(P.S. Did you notice my sneaky comment about my next pattern?  Well, you shouldn't have too long to wait...It should be ready for release in April! YAY :D)

For My Little Monster

Monday 9 March 2015

My holiday patchwork shop - a review

Hi everyone

A few weeks ago we went on a family holiday to Mildura - it's about 6ish hours drive form Melbourne (my home town). I have to say it is a loooooooong drive with a 6month old, by the end of it M was screaming to get out of the car! But T was a trooper and we made it to our apartment in one piece ;)

While away I thought I would do a spot of fabric shopping at the local patchwork shop.

I have shopped here before (on previous holidays), and the service is always lovely!
As you walk in the front door, you are greeted by this cute vintage machine and mini quilt...

And there is LOTS of fabric to choose from...

This is only a small corner of the store, there is lots to see here! I spent about an hour browsing through all the lovely fabrics and notions and selected a few different fabrics to purchase...

If your in Mildura for a holiday, I recommend stopping in and having a look at what this store has, they also offer sewing classes and you can find more information about those on their website :)

But do take note of their opening hours! Last year I turned up on their door step and they were closed :( so I had to go back another day.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend nap time, a relaxed shopping outing surrounded by beautiful fabric :)
For My Little Monster

Sunday 1 March 2015

November, December and January wrap up - coz I got busy :P

Hi everyone

I got busy! So I'm catching up with a BIG post of wrap ups!

Here are the projects I finished in November:

Christmas t-shirts for T's music class friends

A sun hat for T

A Pencil case and a Tutorial!

Traffic lights for Sew Many Books

This "foxy" cushion

I also made more baby pants for M and a tote bag as a birthday present for my SIL - both of which I forgot to take photos of - oops!

And here are the projects I finished in December:

A bag for my Hexie Secret Santa gift 
This bag is made from my own pattern which I hope to have 
available for purchase in Feb 2015 :)

The Companion Carpet Bag - Pattern by Mrs H for The Bag of the Month Club
I was thrilled to be a pattern tester for the January bag of the month!

A Wedding gift for some good friends.

A birthday present for MIL - An apron (sorry, again I forgot to take a photo!)

This January, I have finished, these projects...

The Cecelia bag - pattern by Clover & Violet

A late (SORRY!) Hexie Block for Jacquie from Pebble Lane Studio

Yep, that was a busy couple of months! Oh, and February was quiet as I hurt my finger :( so no sewing for me...but it is starting to get better, so hopefully soon I will be back at the machine!