Sunday 28 December 2014

Secret Santa

Hi everyone,

My hexie block swap gals and I decided to do secret santa this year!
(It started out as a year long swap...and now we call each other friends) :)

We have all never met in real life - YET (hopefully we will be meeting some time in 2015 - YAY!)

My partner decided to wait to open her gift on christmas day, so I couldn't share it until now.
I made a few items and bought others...

Of the items shown above I made 3...

The "foxy" cushion :)
I will need to make myself one of these as I LOVE it and it was so hard to part with!

A tote bag 
Made from my own pattern that I am hoping to have 
available for sale in early 2015 - Exciting!!!

And a mason jar pincushion

I received a beautiful and fantastic sew together bag and other small sewing related items from my partner Kirsty...

She nailed my favourite colours :)

As you can see its full to the brim already ;D

This swap was so much fun, we have decided to do a swap for everyone's birthdays in 2015 too!
Yay :)

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