Saturday 13 September 2014

A garland for the Small Little Monster's room

Hi everyone

The Little monster moved out of his baby room a while ago, and I haven't gotten around to fixing up the falling down wall decal...until now :P

This is how the room looked before.

It needed fixing because the wall decal had lost its stick!

So I sewed a whole bunch of felt circles together to make a garland for the wall.

And (sorry for the blurry photo!), here it is in situ :)

I'm so much happier with the garland :) 
and it's not falling down...which is fantastic!
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Saturday 6 September 2014

July (and August) Wrap September - oops :P

Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures of what I finished sewing in July :)

A vest for the little monster - see more about it here.

A new clutch for me!  
Read more about it here :)

I also finished my poolside tote :)
Read more about how I turned this into a functional nappy bag here.

Toddler (or new mummy to 2 sanity saver) pouch - see more about it here.

A baby blanket for a very lucky newborn boy!

Big Little Monster's Blanket

Small Little Monster's Blanket

Garland for Small Little Monster's room

A sling bag, pattern by "At home with Mrs H"
(This one I actually finished off while in labour, 
I was hoping working on it would distract me form the pain :P)

I only made one thing in was very small and I attached it to something I didn't make...

A pocket!  
I attached it to a pre-bought t-shit.  
And I made it for the Big Little Monsters Birthday 
As I had to make him something, I always make him something for his birthday! 
(But really who has time to sew with a new born?!)

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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Did you know labour and bag making really do mix ;P

Hi everyone

As you know the Small Little Monster arrived recently, and while I was in labour, I decided to try and distract myself with sewing!

It worked - sort of - I think ;D

Either way, I did finish my Sling bag, a free pattern by "At home with Mrs H" , while in labour :)

I reused the strap from an old handbag, so I didn't have to actually make that part - which made the creation of this bag much faster!

This was such a great free pattern!  The instructions were very easy to follow, and the whole sew was really quick.  I think this bag would make a great 1st sew if you have never sewn a bag before as the techniques used to construct it are all quite basic and straight forward.  I will definitely be making more!

The fabrics I have used are:
Outer - AMH field study (purchased from hotpossum on IG during a destash sale)
Lining - Grey homespun (purchased from spotlight)

I haven't had a chance to actually use the bag yet...but hopefully I will at some point soon :)
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