Monday 14 July 2014

Someone is feeling a little left out...

Hi everyone :)

I was talking to the little monster a little while ago (before my sewing machine broke :P), and he said "mummy, when you gonna make something for me?  Mummy made baby lots...", well my son certainly seems to know how to give me a guilt trip :P

When I brought home the loaner machine that the repair store have given me due to the fact that I will be without my machine for some time yet as it has been sent off to the manufacturer for repair, I assumed he had forgotten his request...this may have been so, or maybe he decided I had forgotten? Anyway, after a few days of the new machine sitting on our kitchen table, he must have decided he needed to be more specific in his requests, and yesterday I was told "Mummy, please make me a new!"

It made me so happy to be asked, how could I say no?!

So yesterday, I made the little monster a new vest.  He decided he wanted to watch and do some art, so he sat at the table with me and did some drawing, cutting, glueing and sticking and I sewed.

At the end of the day, I had finished his new vest :)

Fabric: Zoo flannelette (outer) and grey polar fleece (lining)
both purchased at Spotlight (probably in 2012 or 2013).
Closure: white snaps

Today, I asked him if he wanted to wear it...he said "no, I want to wear my old one..." Yay :P
It is so nice to have your work appreciated - lol :)

Hopefully this will please him for long enough that I can finish off the last few things I really want to make before the belly monster arrives...not long to go, he should be here sometime in the next 3 weeks...eeek!
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