Sunday 17 August 2014

babies babies babies...2

Hi everyone,

I said in a recent post that there were a few babies on the way to some of my friends houses!  For a few of them this will be their second child (like me!), and the other day I came up with an awesome gift for both the toddler and the soon to be mum to 2 :)

As you may have seen on IG, facebook or even mentioned in this post...I have been busy preparing activities for the little monster to do when the belly monster arrives and I'm busy feeding etc.  So I made double of a few of these activities and put them in a little zipper pouch I made and gifted this (along with a blanket I made for the baby) to the expecting mother.

The pouch I made :)

The pouch contained the following:
1. Notebook
2. Stickers
3. Shoe picture (source)
4. Dinosaur lacing card (source)
5. Dress me up paper doll (source)
6. Road picture (source)
7. Make your own crown (source)

I added a note that said the following:
"Sanity Saver
 Just add:
1 x matchbox car, 
1 x box of crayons, and 
1 pair of shoe laces."

The mother was very appreciative of this gift and thought it was a great idea :)
I'm quite pleased :D
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