Thursday, 1 January 2015

The companion carpet bag - bag of the month - January bag

Hi everyone

I was so lucky to be a pattern tester for Samantha again :)  When she asked me to be a tester for the January bag for the Bag of the Month Club I was so excited I could barely sit still :P

As with when I tested the Nappy bag pattern last year, the companion carpet bag was a great pattern to make.  It is very well written with really easy to follow instructions.

It has a front slip pocket, and internal slip and zip pockets.  And I got to make my 1st tubular frame bag! I LOVE IT :) 

The hardest part about making this bag ... it was quite hard to hand sew the leather accessories! My hands kept cramping up when I was hand sewing the leather handles and snap tab on to the bag. Since making the bag, Samantha has shared with me this great tutorial on an easier way to sew these items onto the bag.

I made the 8.5" frame "small" version, and the bag is a really good size for an everyday bag for the average gal, although it is not big enough for one that has 2 kiddies that require hefty amounts of crap to be carted around too :P I really need to make another nappy bag as I have been over stuffing mine and it isn't holding up so well because I'm so ruff with it...oh the list of "to make" is an ever growing one :P

I love the bag so much, I used it for the 1st time when hubby and I went out for a fancy dinner for out 5th wedding anniversary in early December ;D


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