Saturday 17 January 2015

My hopes and dreams for 2015...

Hi everyone,

I have spent much of the time since M arrived (5 months ago - where does the time go!), thinking about what I want from my sewing.  I don't have as much time as I used too, (to sew), and being a mum to 2 little boys is busier than I expected...there is now double everything - doctors appointments, friends to see, etc. - and for some reason it seems like triple the washing?  I mean really? Why?!

Over the last few months, any spare sewing time has been spent sewing things for my boys, my friends and family (birthdays and weddings), and me.  In 2015 I really can't see that changing...I really enjoy sewing for my family and surprising friends with special things I have made them (or their children). So in 2015, I doubt I'll be sewing to sell...

Sorry, you probably wont see much of these in 2015...

Once we reached the end of 2014 a few weeks ago, I really had to sit down and think hard about what I wanted for me from my sewing...A few months ago, I started working on my 1st sewing pattern. Although it has taken longer than some might expect, it is finally in testing - unfortunately for you, that is all I can share about it right now ;P
So in 2015, I aim to design and produce 2 or 3 original sewing patterns to sell/or offer as a free download, to other sewers...

This is my Everyday Tote Bag 
Pattern to be released for purchase in early 2015!!

As well as writing my own sewing patterns, I really enjoy testing other peoples sewing pattens - must be the teacher in me - it's like correcting work (although I don't use red pen ;P). In 2014 I tested 2 sewing patterns for Samantha (Mrs H) and already this year I have tested one sewing pattern for Jennie (Clover and Violet).
So in 2015, I hope to be asked to test some more sewing patterns from some great designers...

Clockwise from left: The Cecelia Bag (Clover&Violet), 
The Companion Carpet Bag (Mrs H), and The Nappy Bag (Mrs H).

Now I should probably have some more hopes, dreams and goals for my blog too...but for now, if you enjoy reading what I write and seeing what share I hope you stick around :)
So in 2015,  I hope to keep sharing what I am making and creating on my blog.
I also aim to share something with you all at least once per week, (hopefully more, but lets start out with once a week :D).

So that's it for this week ;)
See you all soon!

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  1. I know the feeling Emma, how do 2 boys create sooo much washing! Looking forward to seeing your patterns this year