Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My handmade gift list for 2015

Hi everyone :)

I don't normally have a gifts to make list, but as this is one of the quilty bloggers and instagramers support group prompts for a blog post this month, I thought I would have a think about it and share some of my plans...

T is starting kinder this year (I can hardly believe it!), and I'm assuming when he is invited to some of his new friends birthday parties, he will expect me to make a few gifts...

1. I'll probably make a few see-through pencil cases using my tutorial!
2. Maybe a few art caddy's using this pattern (I own it, I just haven't tried it yet...)
3. I plan on making some fun placemats using this tutorial too...

There will also be a few 1st birthdays to attend - yes M seems to have made quite a few friends in the last 5 months! I will be sewing:

1. Some easy softies (probably utilising a few panels I have in my stash...)
2. I might make a few hobby horses using this tutorial too, (yep, its my go too tutorial - I've made a few!)

And inevitably there are a few babies due to arrive this year too! So in my list to sew for them is:

1. I'll probably make a few baby bibs - always a hit with the mummy's ;)
2. And I might even make a baby blanket or 2...

I also have the usual family and friends birthday's...but I'm not sure what I'll be sewing for them yet...well some of them anyway ;)


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