Monday 16 June 2014

How I'm living without my sewing machine and postponing my project for Sew Many Books this month...

Hi everyone,

So, my sewing machine is off getting fixed...and apparently it will take 3 weeks :(

I am missing it already - especially seeing as I have so many WIP's all half finished for the belly monster and its not long until he arrives!  So, I have been trying to find ways to work around missing it, and thought I would share:

1. I plan to concur my fear of my overlocker (serger for those of you in the US), I will start by tackling this tutorial (and pattern) :)

2. I plan to catch up - oops - on my blocks for the hexie block swap that I'm currently involved in.

3. I have a heap of hand sewing to do to finish off some gorgeous little pants I made using this tutorial (and pattern) and a baby blanket I am making for a friends baby who is due to arrive soon after my little belly monster!

If I finish all of these things and run out of projects to work on, then I will cut out my next few projects, so that all the bits are prepared and ready and waiting for my machines return :)

Of course...a broken sewing machine means I haven't finished my project for this months Sew Many Books :(

Here is a button and please feel free to share it if you would like too...

For My Little Monster

My April Project worked out fantastically and you can read more about it here, if you like :)

My project for May is very pretty...but I still haven't decided what it is meant to "BE" yet - a cushion or a framed picture on for the wall?? Its so hard to decide :P

This is as far as I have gotten on June's project (which will now become July's project):

So, still quite a bit of work to do once my sewing machine returns...
If you want to know more about what my plans were for this month, have a look over this post :)

If you were planing on joining in this month, please contact me as I'd love to share your project and blog instead of missing this month completely!
Thank you :)
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