Thursday 13 March 2014

Sew Many Books...

Hi everyone,

Since I started sewing about 3 years ago, I have been collecting sewing books...BUT...I haven't actually made anything from ANY of them!

So I am setting myself a challenge, and you are welcome to join me...come on, I know you want to :P

This year, I am going to complete one project from each of the books I own! (One per month)
AND if you want to join me, I would love for you to share your progress and finished projects too :D
(More information about this below)

Once I finish making and creating from the books I own, I should probably tackle the many magazines on my bookshelf If you would prefer to join me with a project from a magazine, that would be great!

Here is a button and please feel free to share it if you would like too...

For My Little Monster

So, which wonderful sewing books are on my bookshelf that I will be choosing my monthly projects from?
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My first project will be inspired by this one (pictured below) from my "Zakka Style"* book, I'll be happy to share my progress along the way and the finished project with you all in April :)

The reason I chose this as my 1st project, is because the little monster and I looked though all my books together and he seemed most excited about this one.  Also as we are soon moving him to his "big boy bed" it will be nice for him to have something special to have in there with him...and he seemed exited to have a special pillowcase with a pocket for his bunny to go in, I therefore wont be making the matching teddy, as the Little Monster will be perfectly happy to use this pocket pillow case with his bunny toy that he has slept with since birth.

Feel free to sew along with me on this project or any project of your choice, oh and you don't have to make your item exactly as it is in the book to join in, you could make an "inspired by" project too :)
As I mentioned earlier, I'll be sharing my finished project in April and I'd love to share some of your projects on my blog too so please join in!

To share your progress and projects:

Please use the tag #SewManyBooks on Instagram or Facebook

Or join the flickr group :)

If you decide to share your progress and projects via your blog please post a link to my Facebook page, email me at or leave a comment on this blog post as I would love to share your work in my special monthly blog posts.

I look forward to seeing all your projects!
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  1. How lovely that you've involved Little Monster in the process of choosing a project. The pocket pillowcase is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Pam :)
      He's very excited about his pocket just to find the time to make it :)