Sunday 9 March 2014

The first of a few...

Hi everyone

Last week I started on the list of items to make prior to the belly monster's arrival - oh and in case you missed the announcement on Facebook, the Belly monster is a BOY :)

So what did I make?  A cushion!

I started by playing around with layout...

Then I stitched the charm squares together, added wading and quilted them.

And after struggling to sew with my choice of fabric for the back - I am never sewing with this hessian like fabric again! It unravels faster than you can say unravel :P

I followed this tutorial to create the hidden zip.

And here is the finished cushion!

Front - Part of a charm I was gifted as part of a mini quilt swap and part of the "Everything but the kitchen sink 2013" by RJR Fabrics, charm pack I purchased while on holidays a little while ago.
Back - repurposed Ikea cushion cover.  I had originally thought to reuse the zip (as well as the fabric), but I broke it trying to remove it from the cover, oh well :)

I think this cushion is going to be the first of a few that I will make over the next little while - it makes my living room feel a lot more homely :)

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  1. Lovely cushion! Thanks for the link to the hidden zipper tutorial - I really must pull my finger out and learn that :)

    1. Thanks Serena :)
      The tutorial is really good, I'm so happy with the way my cushion turned out too!
      Thanks for stopping by

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