Tuesday 2 July 2013

The ASWC Fat Quater Swap

Hi everyone :)

I participarted in the ASWC Fat quater swap in mid June and I have been waiting patiently for the postie to deliver my little surprise from my swap partner Dee...and I finally received it the other day :)

The fabric I chose for Dee I actually forgot to take photos of :(
But I have managed to take some pictures of some scraps that I have left over form other projects and I have managed to find find some pictures of one of the fabrics online...so here they are:

(I chose the RED "rain drops" one for my swap partner.  
This is from the Prints Charming fabric range) Source

This is from the Country Garden fabric range (for spotlight)

This is from the flying high fabric range.

The last fabric I sent with my little parcel of FQ's measured 1/2m x WOF so that Dee was able to something make a little more substantial for her grandson - unfortunately I don't have any of this fabric left to take a picture of (and after hours of searching online - I still can't find a picture to show you)

Here are the pictures of the FQ's I received from Dee:

Some frogs :)

Some grey spots

Some happy sewing fabric (I LOVE this one :D)

This combo Dee sent is more than just a FQ.  
This fabric combo is actually from one of her unfinished projects from a few years ago...
Dee sent this project to me so that I can finish it for the little monster :)

I've never sewn clothes before...so I'm a little scared!  I'm sure with the instructions Dee wrote out for me in an email will help immensely!

What a fun (and difficult - it as so hard to decide what to send) swap thanks ASWC :)

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