Thursday 25 July 2013

I went to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair!

Hi everyone :)

Today I spent the day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair.

I have been looking forward to this for months :)
I went last year and did a few of the make and take classes and went to a few of the workshops - both of which I found interesting and inspiring  - and just generally had a great day out!

Anyway, I sat down earlier this week and planned out my day (something I
failed to do last year - and regretted), as I only have one day available to attend, thanks mum for babysitting the little monster!

I arrived nice and early (9:15am!) and booked myself into a couple of make and take classes...
1. English paper piecing

This picture shows me making and joining some hexies together during the class :)

I really enjoyed this class!  I enjoyed it so much I bought myself a few of the necessary tools needed to do some more paper piecing at home...if you keep reading, I'll show you some pictures of all my purchases a little later on.  This class was run by Blue Willow Cottage.

2. Meg the Pussycat

Here is a picture of my "Meg" although I think she looks more like a boy I'll let the little monster name him later :)

This was a lovely quick and easy activity (it took less than an hour from start to finish - and would be even faster if using a machine to do all the stitching) - and it would definitely be suitable for all skill levels.  This class was run by BeBe Bold, and you can purchase the "Meg" and lots of other great kits and patterns from their website.

Ok!  On to my purchases from the fair...

I got home and felt like it was my birthday...I had a lovely little pile just waiting to be unwrapped!

From Blue Willow Cottage - I purchased some pre-cut hexie cards, a hexie template and some extra blades for the rotary cutter I received as part of my kit for the class (I also received a small cutting mat as part of the kit).

From Just Patchwork - a few Fat 1/4's

From Into Craft - some small novelty erasers (they were $1 each!) that will be perfect for the little monster :) 
I plan on adding them to this busy box as some other tools for imaginative play.

From Under the mulberry tree - some more fat 1/4s (I have been eyeing off these ones for ages...)

I think the best part of the day was stopping in to say hi to Jodie form RicRac.  It was so nice to meet Jodie in person, and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with her and some other crafty bloggers in September at Crafty Hijinks :) and if you are a blogger and interested in a ticket, they can be purchased here.

Anyway...I was completely surprised by Jodie, I had mentioned that I would pop by today (on instagram), and say "hi" when I arrived and was so warmly greeted  - like I was a long lost friend - I was incredibly happy...then Jodie topped this feeling again!  

How? I hear you ask...

Jodie ducked down and pulled a little gift out of her bag for was incredibly generous and totally unnecessary (and unexpected), but is greatly appreciated :)

Thank you so much Jodie!
  The little monster is going to be so happy when I make him Ulrich and the animal house!  And I think I had better make myself the scarf before September so I can be warm in Ballarat :P

Overall I had a great day - I only did 2 of the items on my lovely spreadsheet next year I will probably do a little less planning :P

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Please note: I have not received any payment for mentioning the items featured in this post and all opinions are my own :)


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