Saturday 22 June 2013

C4AC - Have you met Vicky?

Hi everyone, 

I thought it might be good to introduce the team of lovely ladies I'm collaborating with for C4AC (if you missed the last post explaining what C4AC is, it can be found here).  

This first post is introducing Vicky from Very Vicky - DreamBig

All team members were asked the following questions:
1. Who are you? 
2. Tell us a bit about your business and what you sell
3. Why have you chosen to support PANDA as your charity for C4AC?

Here is Vicky to answer these questions:

I am a mum of three gorgeous kids (the loves of my life) two girls and a boy in-between!
I'm from Canberra and have a regular day job, and yes, in the Public Service.
This time last year I decided I needed a creative outlet, so I did a couple of sewing classes and some online tutorials and off I went! I found myself enter this 'other world', a world where fabric, patterns, embellishments and showcases are everything, and only others who have entered truly understand!!
So now I enjoy making children's clothes, dolls, softies, and cushions. I love challenging myself to do new things, especially for showcases. I'm really enjoying the creative ride!

I am supporting PANDA in C4AC. I think more research needs to be done about Post Natal Depression and being a mum myself, I really feel for the parents that suffer this illness at a time that is supposed to be their most happiest.

Nice to meet you Vicky :)

Keep an eye out for the next C4AC post...I'll be introducing you to another team member!

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