Tuesday 18 June 2013

An easy way to follow this blog (and your other favourites)...

Hi everyone :)

I'm only new to blogging, but I have been following blogs for a while :)
Don't laugh, but before I new about google reader I would manually type in the blog address I wanted to read into the browser (lol - I know what an idiot right!). One day my hubby caught me and showed me google reader, I was in love :)

Then a short time later I got a pop up message saying google was shutting down google reader on July 1st! I turned to hubby and said "oh no! What do I do now?" He told me I could use feedly or another reader app.
After a bit of googling I decided I had 2 choices, feedly or bloglovin'...

Over the last few months I've been trying out both (neither is wining over the other for me at this stage), so why not download both onto your phone or iPad - you also can use them on the computer if you prefer - and decide for yourself which you prefer?

I've loved having an easy way to read the blogs I follow on my phone while I'm on the go...and it's really easy to download all your blog links from google reader into either app :)

To download your blog links (from google reader) to feedly you can follow these instructions:
- download the app on your phone (or go to this website)
- follow the prompts and link your email address
- the links to your favourite blogs (from google reader) will automatically appear :)

To download your blog links to (from google reader) bloglovin' you can follow the instructions here, (I did! Thanks Alyce

Both apps are easy to use, but bloglovin' allows bloggers to help link their readers back to their blog by providing helpful buttons for bloggers to use...like you see here on my blog, over to the right you will see a large button and another under this paragraph :)

Follow on Bloglovin

Unfortunately, at this time feedly doesn't offer the same. So you will probably find most bloggers using bloglovin' and asking you to use the buttons on their blogs to follow them (the button automatically adds them to the blogs in your following list over at bloglovin').

There are probably more apps you could use to read your favourite blogs out there...I just haven't found them yet, and probably won't because I'm happy with the options I already have.

"Smile! It makes people wonder what your thinking" - anonymous 

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