Monday 24 June 2013

C4AC - Have you met Kelly?

Hi everyone, 

I thought it might be good to introduce the team of lovely ladies I'm collaborating with for C4AC (if you would like to know more about C4AC have a look here).  

The first post introducing Vicky from Very Vicky - DreamBig can be found here.
The second post introducing Jenica from The Pookie Patch - patchwork quilts and baby gifts can be found here.

This is the third post introducing another of my team members...Kelly from My Two Moos.

All team members were asked the following questions:
1. Who are you? 
2. Tell us a bit about your business and what you sell
3. Why have you chosen to support PANDA as your charity for C4AC?

Here is Kelly's to answer these questions:

I'm Kelly from My Two Moos. I have 2 gorgeous girls 2 years and a 5 an half years old. I started My Two Moos up after watching the joy on my oldest face after making something for her and it has just grown from there. I'm currently making Dolls, Softies, Baby and kids blankets, toys and gifts. But in the next few weeks i am very excited as I will be adding new lines (even something for us mummy's) to My Two Moos so would love everyone to come over and check it all out.

I wanted to help support PANDA with this collaboration as depression is a very real issue and would love to raise more awareness for the mums and family's that need support. Having a baby is such a magical time and we as mothers put a lot of pressure on ourselves and when things don't go exactly the way we would have liked we tend to beat ourselves up and not seek the help we need. So I'm hoping with this collaboration we can help put the word out there about PANDA and take away the stigma about seeking help for depression.

Nice to meet you Kelly :)

Keep an eye out for the next C4AC post...I'll be introducing you to another team member!

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