Thursday 13 June 2013

Nap time craft

Hi everyone :)

So, I don't normally use my sewing machine to craft during nap time...this is because the little monster used to be a really bad (light) sleeper.  He would wake up all the time after only a few rows of stitching, AND my machine is down the other end of the house from his room too :(

So usually when he's asleep I do other crafts, eg. hand sewing, embroidery, cutting and preparing fabric. Or I take photos of items and edit them. Or I use the computer to check Facebook, Instagram, Feedly or do some blogging.

But I decided to give it (crafting, using my sewing machine) a go the other day, as he has been sleeping really well recently (Yay :D)!

I decided to do something semi quick...and something for me - I've actually felt like making a few things for me recently (earlier this week I made this).

I found this tutorial for a fat quarter (FQ) infinity scarf a few weeks ago, and I kept thinking about it as I could picture making it with this fabric:

As is my usual way with any tutorial (or recipe from a cook book - yes hubby, I do listen to your grumbles about that :P), I decided to make it a little differently than the instructions given in the tutorial...what a rebel, lol!

These are the changes I made:
1. I didn't have any batting in the house, so decided to use a layer of polar fleece instead.
2. I wanted the scarf to be soft against my skin, so instead of using 2 cotton FQ's, I used 1 FQ of cotton fabric (spots and stripes - rainbow zig zag, this FQ was purchased from a fellow crafter) and 2 FQ's of white polar fleece(1 = batting replacement; and 1 = outer fabric).
3. I didn't want to do any quilting of the I didn't :)

I followed all the rest of the tutorial exactly though, and from start to finish the whole project only took me 1hr and 35min (including one bit of unpicking - oops - cutting fabric and hand stitching the opening closed)...yay for my first quick nap time project :)


Next, I'll have to try using the machine while the little monster sleeps at night...wish me luck :)

PS...time for a funny face :P


  1. That looks great! I love your idea about fleece. :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Your tutorial was great :)