Monday 16 September 2013

The Little Monster's "Robot" Party! (Part 2)

Hi everyone

If you missed Part 1, it can be found here :)

Now where was I?  Oh right!  The all important Party bags :P

I found some cheap ($3 for 10) noodle boxes at my local K-mart, and set about decorating them with robot stickers.  I think they turned out great!

What's in a Party Bag (AKA Lollie bag - although ours were not full of lollies...)?

Each bag contained:
  • 2 sets of cards made from this free printable - the reason I included 2 sets is so some games could be played with them, eg. matching the pairs type games, and snap or "go fish". I had them printed at my local officeworks for $28.50
  • A clip in the chape of a star (with a robot "cog" sticker) $0.20 each (I bought 10 = $2 total)
  • A handmade magnet* - made by me (using materials I had in my stash).
  • Homemade chocolates (using the same mould I showed you earlier).
  • Some robot stickers.

* Do you want to make your own magnets for party favours?  Here is how I did it :)

- Stick on magnets
- Scissors
- Coloured card
- Stickers (mine were robots, to fit with the theme of the party)
- A compass (to draw your circles) 

How to make them:
1. Decide on a size to draw your circle with the compass.
2. Draw your circles onto your coloured card 
(as many times as you like - I drew 10, as I had 10 little monsters to make party bags for :P).
3. Cut out all your circles.
4. Stick a small amount of magnet to the reverse side of your circle.
(I cut the magnet to be about 5-7cm long for each of my circles).
5. Choose a sticker and stick it in the center of the circle on the front side.

And your finished!

And what was the total cost of the party (not including food)?

Part 1 = $24.99
Part 2 = $33.50

Total = $58.49

I hope you enjoyed my version of a Robot Party :D
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