Wednesday 18 September 2013

Teapot Challenge: Bat-Tea anyone?

Hi everyone :)

I finished my entry for Chook Shed Designs teapot challenge last week :)

And here it is....

Bat-tea anyone? :D

I'm so please with how he turned out!

To create him, I drafted some new pattern pieces (and re-jigged others) from Jodie's Ulrich Little Heart pattern.

Jodie was so kind to gift the patten to me when I met her back in July, and I've been wanting to make him for the little monster...but I haven't had the time!  So when the teapot challenge came up and I came across this teapot on Pinterest...

I just knew which pattern I would adapt to create my teapot for the challenge :)

Let me show you the progression...

It's like it was just meant to be!

I decided to make Batman, as the little monster has a few Batman toys and some Batman jeans, and it is so cute to hear him say "mat-man" when he sees the bat symbol :P

Another challenge I set myself when I decided to take part in this competition was that I was not able to make any new purchases to finish my teapot...and I failed :P

It was not my fault!  I promise!  I had to purchase some little plastic pellets to weight the bottom of Batman properly - can you believe I didn't have any??  I did consider cutting up one of the little monster's other toys (that he isn't to attached to) to get those little plastic pellets...but in the end I couldn't do it :(  So off to spotlight I went :P

Every other item came from my stash though :D
- black poly/cotton fabric, purchased from the remnant bin at spotlight over 6 months ago
- cotton flannel (I think?), used for Batman's face, purchased for $0.20 at an op-shop
- black wool blend felt, from my stash
- yellow quilting cotton, this I luckily found in my scrap bin, and there was JUST enough left :D
- non-allergenic premium toy fill
- black and yellow DMC embroidery thread

Originally I tried to embroider Batman's face on, but the fabric I used is very loosely woven and the threads kept pulling all the way instead I drew on his face using fabric marker, and I think he turned out really well!

The little monster loves him, and now I get to cross another item off the little monsters list too :)

Voting will begin the night of Wednesday 18th from 9pm EST and run until close of Challenge at 9pm EST Friday 20th.  

For more information (and to have a look at the other AMAZING teapots), head over to Chook Shed Designs Facebook page :)

Now to go and wrestle Batman away from the little monster...I want a turn :P

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