Sunday 15 September 2013

Missed out

Hi everyone

An unfortunate event meant I couldn't attend crafty hijinks today :(

I have been looking forward to it for months, so it was very disappointing not being able to go, I ended up gluing myself to Instagram (#craftyhijinks) and enjoying the event this way instead - it looks like it was heaps of fun for the ladies who made it!

So, it got me thinking about other crafty (and/or bloggy) events that might be available to me (and others) in and around Melbourne in the near future...I thought I would share what I found, in case anyone else is interested and wants to know about them too :)

Have you heard of thread den 
They run social sewing nights and also have heaps of sewing classes (that cost $) available.

Or what about brown owls
Regular crafty catch ups are run in various states and areas...I'm hoping to give one a try soon!

Can do books have regular afternoon or evening sewing sessions and it only costs about $5

Or if your into having a drink while you stitch, these stitch and sip sessions might be more your style.

Or if you want to meet up with friends who are crafty (or who have crafty kids in tow) you might like to try crafternoon cafe.

As you can see I found quite a few crafty ones but not any bloggy ones :( maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing?

If you know of any others I'd love to hear about them! Just pop the details in the comments section :D 

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