Friday 20 September 2013

Its selfish sewing week next week!

Hi everyone :)

It's selfish sewing week next week! Yay :)
This event is being run by imagine gnats and made with moxie.

I'm hoping to make a few things for me...

1. A few weeks ago I planned on joining in the ruffled apron sew along over at See Kate Sew, but as it was almost the little monster's birthday I had a heap of sewing I needed to do for him instead...So, I hope to sew my ruffled apron next week :)

see kate sew

2. I probably wont have time for a 3rd item...but if I did, I would like to make myself another bag :)  I'm not sure which pattern I'm going to tackle next though, I'm tossing up between:

- Another supertote (here is my 1st one), only I would make it slightly smaller and maybe add a cross the body strap rather than have the handles as then I can have my hands free :D

Also, if I did make another super tote...I'm thinking about making the front pocket like this:

- The Belle bag

-The Abigail bag

- The pleated tote

- The Emmaline bag pattern

Or maybe I just need to make myself an i-phone wallet?

Or a new purse?

Decisions, decisions...which do you think I should try?

I might be a little ambitious, but hopefully I'll be selfish enough to finish at least one of these projects next week :)

Are you planning on joining in?  What is on your "to make" list?
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