Monday 30 September 2013

Selfish sewing week: Item 1 - Apron

Hi everyone

Selfish sewing week was last week, and it was all about making some items for yourself for a change :)

(This event was run by imagine gnats and made with moxie).

During selfish sewing week I started 3 items:
(*this pattern is Michelle Patterns/Keyka Lou design, it is no longer available to purchase as it has been retired)

And if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I finished my first item early last week...a ruffled apron...

I enjoyed sewing this pattern (by See Kate Sew).  It wasn't difficult but it did involve a few techniques that I hadn't done before - creating a ruffle and adding a pocket, both of which I enjoyed learning and I'm really happy with the end result.

The fabrics I used are all from spotlight, and were purchased late last year/earlier this year (I can't remember when I bought them :P).  I ended up using 3 different fabrics as I didn't quite have enough of the main 2 I wanted to use.

I'm really happy I had to use the 3 fabrics in the end, as part of the reason I think I love my apron so much is because all the straps are different :D

I LOVE the finished product!

I hope you do too (but it isn't a requirement :P)

More about my other selfish items later...
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