Sunday 8 September 2013

The Little Monster's "Robot" party! (Part 1)

Hi everyone!

The little monster turned 2 last week and we had his party the other day...

I didn't put as much effort into his 1st birthday party, as I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to do so.  So this year I wanted to make his birthday party extra special :D

A few months back the little monster and I had a good look through this book, and he decided on the Robbie Robot cake...(The little monster has been robot mad for ages now - and even more so now that he is talking, "bow-bot, mama, bow-bot!")

This set the theme for the whole party, and I think I made up for doing a bad job last year - as I went a little Robot mad :P

When planing a party where do you go? Pinterest of course! 
Here is a little sneak peek at my board for the little monsters 2nd birthday party:

We sent out these INVITATIONS nice and early...
I found the design here at tiny prints :)
Tiny prints are great to deal with - this is not the 1st time we have used their services, we also ordered our birth announcements/thank-you's from them as well.

On to the CAKE
Here is a picture of the cake I made:

The little monster was very pleased, and it must have been yummy as a few of the kiddies went back for more after finishing their 1st piece!

Having never decorated a cake before, I think I have done a pretty good job :)

Now on to the DECORATIONS:
We didn't have a lot of money to spend...but I still wanted the robot theme to stand out for my little monsters special day.

I found heaps of really cute robot stickers at our local cheap shop.  I decided that these would come in handy for the decorations, (see how I used them later on in this post :D)

Stickers from a cheap shop = $10 :)

We were soooo lucky with the weather!  It was a sunny, and not too cool a morning (yes I managed to organise that well hey :P)

 **I apologise for the poor photo quality of the pictures of the party, I forgot the camera so had to use my phone.... 


Birthday Bunting = $0

I made this paper bunting using some wrapping paper that covered a gift that the little monster received at his 1st birthday party, some card from my craft stash, glue and some string from hubby's shed.  

To create the bunting I used this tutorial, but needed to change it slightly as the old wrapping paper was quite thin, so I:
1. Cut out triangles of the wrapping paper,
2. Glue the wrapping paper triangles to the coloured card
3. Cut the card into a diamond shape (see the tutorial for the shape you need), 
4. Fold and glue the diamonds onto the string - as shown in the tutorial


I made sure to include both healthy food and Party food, (as the party was at 9:30am - and some would say that this is too early for party food :P).

Cup cake pans and toppers

Cup cake pans (25pkt) and flag toppers (25pkt) = $4
Bought from a party shop (where everything is $2) at Southland

As you can see, I stuck more of the robot stickers to the cupcake pans and to the flag toppers to make the cupcakes (that my MIL made for me as I ran out of time to cook them!) more "Robot-y" :)

Cutlery holders
Cutlery holders = $0

I used some of the left over plastic cups that we had purchased for the Little Monster's 1st birthday, and used more robot stickers to help fit the party theme.

Serviettes and table cloths

Blue plastic table cloth x 2 = $4
Robot Serviettes x 2 packets of 20 = $4
Bought from the same party shop at Southland

Robot Chocolates

I purchased a molud to make the chocolates here
 It cost = $2.99

Total spent on robot themed party items so far = $24.99

We also served an early BBQ sausage lunch for those who wanted to have some before they all went home around 11:30am.

I hope you enjoyed my version of a Robot Party so far...part 2 is coming soon :)
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