Thursday 26 September 2013

Selfish Sewing Week: Progress

Hi everyone

Selfish sewing week is going quite well for here is an update :)

(This event is being run by imagine gnats and made with moxie).

I have finished my 1st item...a ruffled apron using this pattern, which I downloaded free during the saw-along (which I originally wanted to join, but I had too much going on with the little monster and his birthday).
see kate sew

I sat down to start sewing the apron and 30min machine decided she needed a clean :P

Then after sewing faster than the speed of light...

It was finished...
(I'll be writing another another post about this apron shortly).

Then it was time to move onto my next item, but it was so hard to choose!

I asked on Facebook and Instagram what everyone thought I should make...most people wanted me to try the pleated tote - so hopefully I get around to trying that one-day soon!  

I ended up deciding on an iPhone wallet :)  But I couldn't find a pattern or tutorial that included all the features I wanted, so I had a look around the web...

And started drafting my own pattern.  But then, my current wallet broke (luckily just before I cut out the fabric) instead I purchased and downloaded this pattern...

I chose my fabrics and started cutting...

To Be Continued...
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