Sunday 27 April 2014

Some weekend finishes and my plans for selfish sewing week and beyond...

Hi everyone

The need to sew has been strong recently, maybe its the nesting instincts kicking in?

I have this very strong need to start on the little monster and the belly monsters quilts...but I'm forcing myself to finish off a few WIP (work in progresses) first :)

So this weekend I have finished off these 2 projects that I've been working on for some time now:

These are coasters for and EPP swap - I need to post these off to my partner soon and will write up a more detailed post on them at some later point too.


This is a quilted table runner that is to be a gift, I'm not giving it until June - but it is very nice to have it finished (finally - its been a WIP for at least 2 months!)

I have also been preparing the last part of my necessary clutch so I am able to join in with Selfish Sewing Week this week :)
I'm not sure how many "selfish" projects I will work on, but finishing this project is a MUST (its been in progress since selfish sewing week in september 2013!)
Are you going to be joining in?

Also to fix the sew-craving to start on those quilts I have been doing some maths (with hubby help - thanks honey :D )...

This is all the maths for the belly monsters quilt.
I'm still thinking about what I want to do fro the little monsters one :)

I'm going to make the belly monster an economy block cot quilt and up-cycle the little monsters woollen cot blanket and use it as the bating, so I have a set finished size that I need the quilt to be...hence all the mind bending maths :P  (well mind bending for me - thanks again hubby, you make it much easier :) )

I'd also like all the centres of each of the blocks to be mostly fussy cut so the quilt can have a sort of eye spy feel to it.

Now I just to decide on which size blocks to make, my choices are either 5" or 7" - do you have any suggestions?

By far the biggest accomplishment this weekend has been successfully moving the little monster into his big boy bedroom!  The pocket pillow I made him certainly helped :)  And now work can begin on setting up the belly monsters room - not that many changes need to be made :P
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  1. Go for 7" - it will still be great but not so many blocks to make! I love blocks with fussy cuts!

  2. dropped by from Sew Cute, lots of great projects, oh and I leave it to you to choose 5" or 7", I guess it's down to how many blocks you fancy cutting! :D

  3. Congrats on those finishes. Your monsters are lucky to have you making quilts for them :)