Tuesday 6 August 2013

The little monster's handmade birthday presents - progress...

Hi everyone

A few months ago I set myself a challenge to make at least 2 handmade items from this list, for the Little Monster for his birthday (in September).

So far I have finished 1 present for him - a travel car mat!  It can be viewed here.
I have also finished another item on the list - a hooded vest, but he was given this early as it is soooo cold in Melbourne at the moment, it can be viewed here.

I have began a 3rd project...a quiet book, and I have to say I will not be making another one any time soon, I'll be leaving the quiet book making to people like Rachel from BaBee Blocks, who's work is absolutely AMAZING! They are fun to make though, so I probably will make another one eventually...

I will be using both felt and fabric to create the quite book - hopefully this gives it more durability and longevity - its nice to hope that he will be able to give it to his son to play with when he is much...much...much older :)

Anyway, here is what I have worked out for the book so far:
Page 1-2, A Mr Potato head page, I found the templates for this page here and here.

Page 3-4 A bead counting page (like this one)...but with a different theme :)

Page 5-6 A shape, button matching page (like this one), but I would like to make it a transport theme.

Page 7-8 A robot page (like this one), but with no LED's - that is just too hard :P

Page 9-10 A buckle page, I would like to do this by using some baby overalls (that have a pocket and maybe a belt) and make an opining and closing activity for him - and include some items like on this quite book page, for him to put in and out of the pocket.

And if I get time...
 - A sock matching game, I will be using this template.
 - A tool kit and doctors kit page (like this one and this one and the tools here)

The front cover will have a title...maybe something like: "The little monsters playbook" (but I'm open to ideas and suggestions!) and
The back cover will hopefully have a lovely message from me and his daddy on it.

Here is some photos of my progress so far...

Yes...I have only finished the Mr potato head page.  I think I will be working on this at every opportunity to make sure I finish it by September :P

Oh...and I'm adding something to the list...I also want to make the Little Monster an I-spy bag :)

Hopefully I can get through one or 2 more of the items on the list before his birthday...And I will keep you updated on the quite book progress :)

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