Sunday 4 August 2013

Play dough and the Little Monster

Hi everyone

I have been meaning to make play dough for the little monster for when I came across a post by Abby from things for boys on play dough, I just had to give it a go :)

Abby's instructions were perfect and after a total of 20min I had this lovely play dough all wrapped up and ready for the little monster to play with later!

A little while ago I bought some transport themed biscuit cutters at my local $2.80 store, as well as some great little see-through boxes, all of which are perfect for creating a play dough busy box :)

I have used a similar box for this busy box - which was a hit with the little monster :)

Now to see if the play dough busy box rates as well with the little monster...

I think it is a hit :D

Thanks so much Abby, for the recipe!

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  1. It's such a great playdough recipe isn't it? Makes it hard to pick a jelly flavour though :) I love the little cutters!

  2. Yes it is Abby! Thanks for posting it :) I made raspberry this time...and it smells so yummy - I tried some and it tastes BAD :P