Saturday 17 August 2013

The ASWC Crochet Along

Hi everyone

I have never crocheted before, and I am keen to give it ago, I just hope its more fun than fact I tend to get really really board when I'm knitting - about 5 years ago I decided to learn to knit and started on a scarf...lets just say, its obviously not my thing as I'm still working on it :P

When Crafty Mummy from the And Sew We Craft (ASWC) team blogged about having a crotchet along, I decided to join in :)

Last week I collected my tools, a size 7 crotchet hook (a hand-me down) and some 12 ply acrylic wool (less than $5 from Big W).

And last night I sat down to give it a go...

The 1st row of chan stitch wasn't that difficult, and I found it quite easy to follow along with the instructions.

The 2nd row that required me to double crochet is where I got really stuck...I found it hard to understand what I was doing wrong with only the written instructions and photos for I headed to YouTube and found this video very helpful :)

And then 2 hours later I was well on my way! 

Yay :)

I'm still not sure if crocheting is for me, but I like it better than knitting - so I guess that is a good sign :D

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  1. Oh wow, good job! You are on a roll!

    I struggled with understanding double crochet at first. But once you get your head around it is pretty straight foward.

    Amy (ASWC)

    1. :)
      Yes I agree, once you understand how to do it it is relatively easy :D
      Thanks for stopping by Amy!

    2. I love Youtube.. it has taught me so many things.. How to fold a fitted sheet, to do french knots and cat eye eyeliner.
      Keep going with the crochet.. it can be really rewarding and once you have a finished project you'll be hooked. (gosh i love a pun)


    3. Yes Laura, Youtube is great - I also used it for french knots ages ago :)
      I will keep going, I do like how quickly it grows as you do each row, so It feels like it is much quicker than knitting!
      Thanks for stopping by!