Wednesday 28 August 2013

teapot challenge...

Hi everyone :)

I am lucky enough to be one of the 40 businesses taking part in chook shed designs teapot challenge!

My Facebook page been sitting at around 1,298ish likes for AGES now, this means I'm part of the 10% of pages taking part in the challenge who are in the same boat :D

It took a little while for inspiration to strike...I had quite a few ideas, but none were grabbing me.  

I knew I wanted to create a teapot that was for boys (the little monster loves to play tea parties and have picnic tea parties too!),  my ideas were wide and varied: 

A boat

A digger

A fish

A space ship

A gameboy

I have more of my ideas pinned on my challenge Pinterest board, if you want to have a peek :)

In the end, I decided on something a little different, and it is still in the planning stage...

But I am super excited about it...

Wish me luck!

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