Tuesday 25 August 2015

Tips and Tricks for adding a leather accent to your Reunion Clutch

Hi Everyone :)

Late last month I released my newest pattern the Reunion Clutch.  It is a FREE pattern download that you can get here.

Did you know the Reunion Clutch offers the perfect opportunity to use leather and make it a feature?!

Now, I am by no means an expert in working with leather!  
I have not sewn extensively with it, however, 
if you follow these tips and tricks I'm sure you will get a 
professional result when making your Reunion Clutch :)

My 1st tip when working with leather on your Reunion Clutch is to use the right NEEDLE...

Use a leather needle - The 1st time I sewed leather using my 90/14 leather needle was an eye opening experience, not only did the needle cut through the heavy leather like butter, but it was easy and effortless too :)

My 2nd tip is to use a walking foot.  Leather is tough, so when I use my waking foot paired with a leather needle, sewing leather is EASY :)
You could also use a Teflon foot, I don't own one, but I have heard they make working with leather easy too.

My 3rd tip is to use 100% polyester thread (this is a MUST).  You can also use a nylon thread, I haven't tried this, however some bag makers do. When I sew with leather I use 100% polyester thread that is an upholstery weight, it looks nice (and professional) ;)

Now we have all that sorted...

Let's get to adapting the Reunion Clutch pattern to work with our Leather.  In the pattern you are asked to apply Fusible Fleece to Pattern Piece B - Accent.  However, when using leather this is not necessary...

To adapt the pattern you will need:
- Pattern Piece B
- Leather (enough for 2 x Pattern Piece B - remember it is cut on the fold!)
- Fusible Medium Weight interfacing (enough for 2 x Pattern Piece B - remember it is cut on the fold!)
 - 2 x Main A fabric pieces (already interfaced as per the pattern directions).

1. Fold Pattern Piece B on the dotted line, and cut your leather in this new shape (don't forget to cut it on the fold!).

2. Apply the fusible medium weight interfacing to the WRONG side of the leather accent pieces.
When applying the interfacing to the leather, ensure you apply it 1/8" from the top of the leather accent piece.

Now, I know a lot of you probably want to use Vinyl or Faux leather on your clutch too, and you can!
 As you are probably aware you shouldn't iron/press Vinyl or Faux leather - it will just melt... so, you could choose to add a sew in interfacing on these pieces.  If you don't have any sew in on hand, you can make your own - its easy!

Gather a scrap piece of fabric (the size of Pattern Piece B) and apply your Fusible Medium Weight interfacing to that.  You can also choose to apply Fusible Fleece to the scrap, for added strength if you are using a light weight Vinyl or Faux leather.  Then sew the scrap (with the required interfacing attached) to the Vinyl or Faux leather accent you would like to use when making your clutch.
That's it!  See easy ;)

3. Take Main A and place it right side up in front of you.  Then lay your leather accent piece face up on top.

4. Sew the leather accent to Main A using a 1/8" seam (like you would to topstitch).

5. Repeat for the second Main A and leather accent pieces, then continue with the rest of the pattern as instructed.

Have you made a Reunion Clutch yet?  If so, I'd love to see it!  Remember to tag me on Instagram (@formylittlemonster) or post a picture of your creation to my facebook page :)

I hope you enjoy using this tutorial, happy sewing!

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