Sunday 2 August 2015

I got a slow cooker!

Hi everyone :)

I've never had a slow cooker before, but have finally decided to take the plunge and purchase one (a 6L one at that!).  I'm hoping that having the slow cooker might free up some time usually spent cooking dinner to do other things, like go for a walk, do something fun with the little monsters or sew if the mood so strikes me :)

So, seeing as I have never had or cooked with a slow cooker, I thought you might like to take this journey with me?  I'm hoping to use it once or twice a week and, until I find some favourites, I'll be trying recipes from all over the internet, and if I have time I might borrow a few recipe books from the library to try a few from there too :)

Do you have any favourite recipes you think I should try?  Leave a comment for me if you do!

First on my list is something easy...this week I made Beef Stew...and it was YUK!

So here is what I thought about this meal:

Will I cook it again?


Did the kids eat it?


What do I score it?

I scored this one 0 yummies out of 5 :)

Did I add or subtract anything from the recipe?

I added Zuccini

Would I add or subtract anything from the recipe next time?

I would use stock instead of water - but i'm not sure even that would fix it, it was truly awful!
I would also cube the veggies as just choping turned out to be too big pieces and the potato didn't cook through.

What recipes will be coming up soon?
(Not in any order - I just want to make them coz they look yum!)

Chicken Tacos - but mine will probably end up being Burritos, as T loves Burritos more than Tacos :)
Spaghetti and meat balls or this recepie and if there is leftovers, this would make a good lunch the next day :)
Hoisin Chicken
Chicken and Spaghetti
Apple Butter

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken burrito Bowl
Corn on the cob - it's not one of my favourite sides, but the Boys in this house LOVE corn!
Spaghetti Sauce
Butternut squash and coconut risotto - we are big pumpkin risotto eaters in this house so this will be a must try. But I will have to find out what bouillon powder is???
Asian chicken lettuce wraps - this one might be good when the weather gets warmer too :)
Beef Bourguignon
Honey Garlic Meatballs

I'll probably add to this list as I go...I'm sure to find more I want to make! :)Happy tummy makes a happy mummy ;P


  1. You will get used to it and grow to love it! I made jacket potatoes in mine today ad topped them with some chilli con carne I had in the freezer. Super yum! Pinterest is a fab source of slow cooker (or crock pot as it's called in the USA) recipes. xx

  2. Slow cookers are the best. Especially with kids. Bouillon powder (from what I can tell) is a England equivalent of stock in Australia. I'm pretty sure you can just substitute the same amount (ie: 1 Bouillon whatever for 1 Stock whatever). I find it's good to plan to have one slow cooker meal a week, because they is usually loads of left overs. :D Enjoy!

  3. Why did yours turn out so awful then? Apart from not looking anything like the recipe photos! ;-) I am interested in getting a slow cooker, so will follow your cooking adventures!