Thursday 20 November 2014

TGIFF - The hat is finished and is being enjoyed...

Hi everyone

I finished the hat.

T loves it, and it has been worn a heap in our recent good weather.

I used the Oliver+s pattern from Oliver + s: Little things to sew*
(You can also download this pattern free...just follow the links provided by this Pin - told you I had an addiction :P)
*affiliate link

I made the medium, as I measured T's head to be 21" and it fits great, but I think he will only get one summer out of it, which means I'll have to make another next year...oh well, I'll probably end up making 2 next year as M will probably want a matching one ;D

The inside of the hat :)
Exterior - Batman (quilting cotton) a fat 1/4 I purchased form Gail B Patchwork and Quilting in July at the craft and quilting fair in Melbourne.
Interior - Robot fabric (poplin), I purchased at spotlight years ago...and I still have more to make many...many...many other robot things for my robot obsessed boy :P

I'm going to put it out there now...I suspect T's next birthday party will be batman/super hero themed, I dont's see him getting sick of them any time soon...
oh, and I'm joining in here today:


  1. A Batman hat! Awesome. :) Love those monsters in there. Is it even reversible? I made hats for the girls when they were little. They were challenging, but very fun to do up.

    1. Hi LynCC :)
      Yep it is supposed to be reversible...but I stuffed up the robot layer so it doesn't look as good as it should, so it isn't reversible anymore ;P