Sunday 23 November 2014

T and I built-our-own-robots

Hi everyone

When I was pregnant with M, I organised a bunch of activities for T to do while I was busy feeding/settling the baby once he arrived.  I have decided to share the best ones here on the blog occasionally, so others can use them too :)

Todays post is about the build-your-own-robot activity and free printable I downloaded from here.

I printed 2 copies and spent time cutting them out and laminating all the pieces - mainly so they were stronger and more durable to be used more than a once ;P

T and I have great fun building our own robots, he can use the activity on his own if he needs to, like when I'm called away to put a dummy back in M's mouth, or we can use it together.

For a kid who is robot obsessed, this has been one great activity for him and it has provided me with quite a bit of time to run around between children like a headless chook ;D

I highly recommend you spend the time organising your own robot activity, this has been a good one for us :)

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