Tuesday 20 October 2015

Quilt Blocks to heal the Violence

Hi Everyone

@jackiegillies on Instagram has been trying to raise awareness about domestic violence and the appalling number of women who have been killed at the hands of a violent partner this year!

Here is what Jackie had to say in Mid September 2015 about her initiative:
"I put out the call for the donation of quilt blocks following the horror week we have had in Australia with two more women killed at the hands of an intimate partner or relative. The murders bring the total to 62 for the year - an appalling number given that it's almost 2 per week.

My plan is to make some quilts to donate to some domestic violence shelters and charities whose function is to resettle women and kids who have escaped violent situations.
Many of you have indicated an interest in getting involved. It seem that, like me, you want to do something positive in all the heartbreak and harrowing stories that seem to the mainstay of our news cycles of late. For that, I say thank you. 💖"

Jackie chose the tic tac toe block tutorial from Blossom Heart Quilts for everyone to make and donate blocks if they wanted too.

She dubbed these blocks, "#quiltblockstohealviolence, and the ultimate quilts will surely brighten the lives of some women and children and they will be wrapped in our love and support. "

Seeing as I believed this was such a great cause, I decided to make a few...

I hope the quilts these end up in bring the women and children who will eventually own them some comfort.

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