Tuesday 2 June 2015

Superhero obsessed...

Hi everyone

T is at that age where he is superhero obsessed!  It must be a 3yr old thing ;P

Anyway, we were out shopping one day and we saw a superhero t-shirt in the ladies department at Kmart.  T said I just HAD to get it, we didn't have time to try it on, so I purchased it thinking I would bring it back if it looked bad.  We got home and I tried it on, and it just wasn't for me...but before I packed it back up to take back, I had a brain wave...chop it up and make T some t-shirts that he will LOVE!

And that is just what I did :)

Now if your observant you will notice that I have managed to make T an extra t-shirt...yep that is a batman one you spy!  I made it from scraps from the batman hat I made him last summer.

He was ecstatic and wore his new Dare Devil one the very day I finished them, that made one mama very happy :)

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