Tuesday 5 May 2015

Resent finishes from the WIP box :)

Hi everyone

I have been more productive in my sewing since I got my new machine (more about my new Juki TL-98P at another time ;P), and I have even managed to finish a few items from my WIP box :)

M needs some new bibs...and I remembered there were a couple already cut out in my WIP box, so I made them...

I tried doing some free motion sewing around the applique on this one...let's just say it didn't turn out well, so I got out my old and not so shiny machine and fixed it up with some zigzag stitching and it's much better.  This particular bib has turned into M's current favourite which I find funny as I prefer the other one I made...

nananananananana...Batman...T likes this one better too, oh well ;D  

M is a little vomit machine, so he will get lots of use from both ;P

Yay for some finishes I can actually share! I have been working on a few secret projects, and wont be able to share some of them for a while...so its nice to share something!

What have you been working?  Have you finished any WIP's recently?
For My Little Monster

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