Friday, 15 May 2015

I made a Jewellery Roll...

Hi everyone

The other day I saw BariJ post this on IG...

And seeing as I had some "Bijoux" just sitting here...I decided I was going to make something to enter :)

I settled on making this Jewellery Roll and decided to gift it to someone special later in the shhhhh your all in on my secret ;)

After a minor disaster...that involved some unpicking.

I managed to finish this beauty!

After I had finished I realised something funny...I had made a jewellery roll in "bijoux" fabric and bijoux (French) means jewellery (English) I guess this was meant to be ;)

Outside                                          Inside

On a side note, over all I found the tutorial I used easy to follow, however the 'how to make' of one of the items are not explained in detail (the "straps"), so I had to wing this part of the pattern.  Also I found the measurement for the amount of binding needed was a little short.

The person who gets given this great gift is going to be one lucky lady ;D

Happy sewing!
For My Little Monster


  1. How lovely are you!! It's awesome.

    1. Thanks so much Jane :)
      I'm really happy with it...almost want to keep it ;P