Wednesday 21 May 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm joining in over here...

I wanted to share some of my progress so far on the Belly Monsters Quilt.  Here is a link to my 1st post about this Quilt.  I'm still in the process of putting together the economy blocks...but I don't have many left to do! Here are some of my favourites :)

I also managed to finish off my 2nd foundation paper piecing project this week and here are both it and the one I finished for Sew Many Books...

I'm undecided about what they will be turned into...I'm leaning towards cushion covers, but they are quite large and I would have to find out if i would be able to get inserts for them before I make the next step...I have also been considering getting them both framed to put up on a wall in my home...

As you can see above, I have also cut out every thing and am ready to actually sit down to make my Poolside Tote (pattern by noodlehead)...I'm wanting to get this one finished before the belly monster arrives too as I'm hoping to use this bag as my new nappy bag!

Lots still to do before this belly monster arrives...better get sewing :D
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  1. Your economy blocks look great! These are on my to-do list for 'someday'.