Sunday 4 May 2014


Hi everyone :)

This week I decided to make a last minute gift for a family friend we went to visit today...

It's a 1/2 apron with a wrap around tie :)

I didn't use a pattern to make this, I just decided to wing it - which can either work out really well (like this did) or a complete I'm pretty lucky :)

I used just over a fat 1/4 of the patchwork fabric and then boarded it in a red flower fabric (and used this to make the tie too), all up I used a total of about 40cm x width of the red flower fabric.  Both fabrics were purchased at spotlight last year. I'm pretty sure both fabrics are 100% cotton too :)

I decided to add some decorative top stitching to the boarders - I think it has added a nice finish :)

I was particularly impressed with my efforts to make the inside of the apron neat and tidy - mainly so I didn't have to line it :P

Look at those seams!  Yep - I'm still impressed by them :)

The gift recipient loved it - which is always an added bonus - she said "Thank you so much for my amazing apron, feels almost too nice to cook in!" 

Yay!  There is a big smile on my face now :D
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