Wednesday 4 December 2013

The kind hearted nature of others makes me smile :D

Hi everyone

In October I was having some issues making my first ever quilting project (you can see the finished product here), as I did not have a walking foot for my sewing machine.  I made a comment in a lovely community group on Facebook, asking which of my other feet would be best to use, and the lovely Moira from Craftypa & Craftyma came to my rescue!

Moria told me she had an extra walking foot that I was welcome to - see doesn't this kind hearted nature make you smile?!  I was overjoyed and just a little bit gobsmacked! So I decided to whip her up a little gift to say thank you :)

Here is the little zipper pouch (with inner pocket) and the walking foot I was so lucky to receive:

Just the other day Jodie from Ric Rac made me smile at her kind hearted nature...more about this at a later date - I love to keep you all wanting more :P
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